Furor in the streets. Rebellious talk. Key Westers upset!

The issue: Cost of tickets for Jimmy Buffett show at the Amphitheater 2/9 and 2/11. Being sold via Ticketmaster. First appeared as available last week at $99 for lawn and $149 for reserved seating. One week later, price of tickets now $475 for lawn and $3,700 for VIP seating. Current prices noted in a Citizens’ Voice comment this morning.

I wrote in my 1/18 blog that the opening prices were outlandish. In effect, screwing Key Westers. Remember, Key West built the Amphitheater. The 3,500 available seating area apparently not for locals. I was referring to the opening prices. The new ones beyond the reach of most locals. The few that can afford that kind of money will not spend it for a few hours of Buffett splendor.

If the Key West Citizen wants to perform a service for its readers, it should do an investigatory story of how ticket sales came to be in the hands of Ticketmaster and how much the City gets as their cut. I’m sure Key West participates.

If there is anything where people have a right to know, the pricing of Amphitheater tickets is the issue!

I concluded in my 1/18 blog that Ticketmaster’s openings cost for tickets left a sour taste in my mouth. I close today’s blog with “… leaves a sour taste in everyone’s mouth!”

A doctor visit yesterday with my primary care physician Dr. Norris. First time in 7 months. The July Tampa operation left me down on the medical profession in general. I had been seeing tons of doctors. The way it is when you are in your mid 80’s. So I said, Screw it! Stop doctoring. Does not make sense. I know it. My visit yesterday was recognition of my own stupidity. Ergo, I am back to doctoring. Next visit an appointment with my heart doctor.

It was close to 5 when I left he doctor’s office. Decided to grab a dinner out somewhere. Decided on Happy Hour at Roostica. I no longer drink. However the Happy Hour menu has been praised forever it seems by many. Time for me to try it.

A good deal! I enjoyed limoncello wings. One of my favorites and a diet Pepsi. Total bill $13.

I was impressed the place was almost completely full. People doing the specials and regular menu. I have always recommended Roostica. Best Italian restaurant in the area. The sauce is like my grandmother made. ‘Nuff said.

On this day in 1898, the Battleship Maine was ordered to sail to its death. It was anchored off the Tortugas when ordered to Havana Harbor where it ultimately was blown up.

The death of the Maine gave birth to the Spanish-American War.

Joseph Morton was an American war correspondent for the Associated Press in the European Theater during World War II. He was captured by German soldiers on 12/26/1944 while in a log cabin high on a mountain in Slovakia with 15 Allied intelligence officers. Morton was covering a U.S. operation for a story.

Morton had war correspondent ID requiring him to be treated as a prisoner of war according to the Geneva Convention.

The SS for some reason had ordered the summary execution of all “Allied commandos.” Morton obviously was not one.

Nevertheless, Morton was executed by firing squad this day in 1945 at Mauthausen-Gusen  Concentration Camp.

Morton was the only Allied correspondent to be executed by the Axis during World War II.

Another shooting. In California. The second in days.

The mass shooting occurred in Half Moon Bay in two separate localities. Seven persons were killed.

It is time to put an end to these slayings. I know, I am being repetitive as well as most of the U.S. population.

Though Biden accomplished something re guns for the first time in 30 years, more has yet to be done. The U.S. is the only nation in the industrialized world that has the mass shooting problem. We have not been able to clean up the mess because of the Republican Party. Their own members even are unable to make the party move.

The gun manufacturers own the Republican Party. Additionally, gun manufacturers for years have been brain washing gun purchasers.

It has to stop! Blood should not flow on American streets!

Love Bess Levin! She writes well. No bullshit. Calls them as she sees ’em.

Levin wrote in Vanity Fair 1/23 re Ron DeSantis. The article titled “Ron DeSantis Believes In Free Speech As Long As You Only Speak About The Awesomeness Of Straight White People.”

How can DeSantis be elected President if he hates blacks? Is he building a mountain too high to climb? American voters are not stupid as was proven by the November 2022 election results.

The man is crazy! I refer to George Santos.

The latest revelation: He planned an engagement dinner to a man while married to a woman.

The invitation to the dinner read: “Pedro and I have decided to join our tooth brushes.”

Enjoy your day!




  1. Really Lou? Donald Trump hates blacks too, famously and way more then DeSantis. Have you forgotten the “Central Park Five,” something he has never apologized for. Then when it came time for him to get nominated, blacks came out for him in big numbers, Same for the election.

    And some pretty big Black celebrities, have been beside him all along.

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