Exxon pocketed a record annual profit for 2022 of $55.7 billion.

Yes, gas prices have been coming down. However with a profit that big, Exxon and the other gas companies can do better. A lot better!

An interesting development with super markets and grocery prices. Whole Foods grocery chain has asked suppliers to lower prices as supplier costs have been gradually dropping. Whole Foods wants its price tags to reflect the inflation decline.

Whole Foods is owned by Amazon. A great move by an economic giant. Amazon in its capacity as a retail giant is telling its suppliers to help bring down Whole Foods’ retail costs to customers. Makes sense. Suppliers expenses less. Pass some of it on to the retailer. In this case Amazon. So Amazon can pass it on to its customers.

One thing sure. Amazon can’t be bullshitted by its suppliers.

The cost of eggs keeps going up. The chicken Asian flu the primary cause. Now, another. A fire.

The third largest egg farm in the U.S. caught fire. Hallandale Farms in Bograh, Connecticut. A big one. Twenty-one fire departments were required to respond. In excess of 100,000 chickens killed. Took 8 hours to extinguish the fire. The fire could be seen from miles away.

The jobless rate is at a 50 year low. Last year, every state added jobs. The national unemployment rate in December was 3.5 percent.

Came across an old Egyptian proverb: Never trust a woman who has sex with your enemy.

It happens.

Syracuse lost again last night. Defeated by Virginia 67-62.

Virginia ranked #6 nationally. Syracuse played them well till the last 8 minutes. Virginia out scored Syracuse 17-8 in the final 8 minutes.

My team is not going to the Big Tournament at season’s end. The team has an inoperable disease. Death inevitable.

The pain excruciating for team and fans.

Enjoy your day!

One comment on “EXXON NET PROFIT $55.7 BILLION

  1. Exxon Net Profits a little excessive? Hmmmm, wasn’t Biden after all, was it. Just more Republican misinformation and lies, while the ruling cla*s gouges and misplaces blame for further political gains and power.

    When will we ever learn?

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