Tonto’s first words to his new friend the Lone Ranger: “Me Tonto, you Kemo Sabe.” Kemo Sabe being Indian for Faithful Friend.

It was on this day in 1933 The Lone Ranger debuted on Detroit radio. It was “Hi ho Silver” away for many years to follow.

The radio show became part of American culture. Movies followed. Then years of TV.

The Lone Ranger was part of my youth and early adult years. I and everyone else in America loved the show. It was America!

Al Jolson is another theatrical person from a time long gone.

Most will recognize him as the first person to appear in a talking movie. The year 1927. The movie The Jazz Singer. Jolson sang! People sat in awe in movie theaters hearing the human voice emanating from the screen for the first time ever.  His appearance revolutionized the movie industry. Silent films were dead. It was talkies henceforth.

Jolson had been had been prior to that time in the 1920s the most famous and highest paid star.

Jolson visited Key West this day in 1927. He appeared at the Birthday Ball at the Naval Base and the Casa Marina for the March of Dimes campaign.

It is strange how many prominent persons of yesteryear are unknown today. Jim Boeheim made mention of such in his interview session following the Virginia Tech game saturday night. He mentioned Bob Cousy.

I recall Bob Cousy because of my age. He was an outstanding professional basketball player for years with the Boston Celtics. Boeheim said something to the effect that Cousy had a way of passing that none in his audience were aware. The probably had never heard nor were aware of Cousy. I’m sure he was correct.  Such is the way of life. Time moves on and many great persons are forgotten.

Dinner last night at A & B Lobster House with Lisa and Dan Riordon. A long casual meal. Delightful! My friends from Skaneateles, N.Y. are unfortunately leaving tuesday after a one month stay.

Walking back to my car, we stopped on the sidewalk with many others to catch the last 2 minutes of the Kansas Chiefs/Cincinnati Bengals game. A relatively new restaurant has opened on the corner of Front and Simonton Streets. It has huge sliding glass doors. We were able to watch the game while standing outside. The Chiefs won 23-20 with a field goal in the last 3 seconds.

Super Bowl is February 12. Kansas will oppose the Philadelphia Eagles who decimated the San Francisco 49ers earlier yesterday 31-7.

Key West weather has been switching back and forth in recent weeks. From very cold to warm. This week will be even warmer. Constantly in the 80’s. Humidity high. Meteorologists advise “record heat possible,” especially wednesday and friday.

Enjoy your day!

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  1. If the first talking motion picture with Al Jolson was to happen in theaters today, Tucker Carlson would label it as a subversive left wing Negro conspiracy and Texas and Florida would ban it and have the film burned. No printed record would be allowed in schools.

    Republicans everywhere would be making this an election issue and Hunter Biden would be under congressional investigation for his part in all of this.

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