Streetcars are making a resurgence across the United States. Public transportation of long ago is returning.

The resurgence is most obvious in Omaha, Nebraska where the City Council recently voted to proceed with such a project. Warren Buffet is a local resident and opposed the rebirth of street cars in Omaha. His voice though heard was not heeded.

The project as approved will cost $306 million. Buffett considered the plan too expensive and inflexible.

San Francisco has always had a street car system. Recall the many you have seen in movies involving San Francisco. The street car line there is the historic F Line.

I am old enough to recall street cars. We had them in Utica, NY. I rode them in the late 1930’s. The demise of the street cars came with the birth of buses.

Yesterday was special. I did not know how special it would be till actually having experienced it. Steve and Cindy Thompson invited me over to meet the family.

Family involved Rich and Linda Thompson from Alaska and Orlando, Rich and Steve’s sister “Sam” from Seattle, and Cindy’s sister Christine who resides in Key West. I was the sole outsider.

The afternoon the most memorable I have spent in Key West. What a wonderful group of people!

Rich and Steve are twins. You would never know it. I think the term is fraternal. Do not look alike at all. However have similar dispositions. If you know Steve, then you are aware what a great guy Rich is.

Rich and Linda spend 6 months a year in Alaska and six months in Orlando where they have had a second home for more than 25 years. Rich is an Alaskan fisherman. Salmon and halibut the primary catch.

Rich showed me a couple of pictures of halibut he had caught. Normally, 20-30 pounds. The ones he showed me had to be pushing 1,000 or better. They were bigger than many great white sharks. He will be sending me a pic and I will publish it when received. Probably next week.

I received a salmon education. Many types. I knew from nothing. He had brought with him from Alaska certain salmon which he prepared and cooked for our entre. Two types. White and red king salmon. Delicious!

Rich and Steve have a sister they call Sam. Her real name Sandra. A Seattle resident. Retired after 21 years with the Seattle law firm Perkins, Coie. Considered smart. Not because of her employment. Rather her experience in 1997 as when she appeared on Jeopardy. At “half time,” she was ahead of the other contestants. Thought she had it won. So did her family. Got buried in the second half, however. Still considered intelligent by her siblings, however.

I thought she was so merely based on our conversations over the afternoon.

I have forgotten neither Linda nor Christine. Each contributors in their own way.

Nor is Cindy forgotten. A smart tough woman. She and Steve must have had an exciting time together over the years.

Searching for a word or two to express my thoughts re the afternoon succinctly, all I can come up with is these were “real people.” A long time since I have been with such a group.

Yesterday was the 50th anniversary of Roe v. Wade. Thousands marched throughout the U.S. in protest of its overturn.

The Republicans finally won in their efforts to get rid of Roe. Turns out it is the worst political mistake made by either party in years. Even women who have supported right to life for years, think the Supreme Court decision wrong. Their anti-life feelings re Roe had minimized with the years. The right to protect and control their bodies overcame political and religious fanaticism.

The warm weather will slowly turn cold this week. Cold fronts coming in. By thursday night and during friday, temperatures will be in the 50’s. The temperatures will remain cold for a few days.

Enjoy your day!


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