Amazing what I learn researching for this blog. Today, that which drives human sperm wild.

The smell of lilies of the valley.

Sperms have noses which they use to navigate toward a woman’s egg. Researchers experimented with a range of floral fragrances and lilies of the valley came out on top. The flower’s fragrance causes sperm to “wriggle” in the same direction at twice the normal speed.

Research was carried out at Ruhr University in Germany in 2003. A new sperm protein hOR17-4 was discovered. The new sperm protein acted as a receptor for sperm, the same way protein sensors in the nose detect smells. The net effect causes the sperm to double its speed and change its undirected swimming to direct movement.

The sperm accordingly was able to wag its tail harder. And get to the female egg better!

The discovery has assisted in fertility treatment. It turns sperm into Olympian Mark Spitzes.

Whenever I enter Key West’s Klu Klux Klan into a discussion, there is amazement. Few are aware what a bastion of Klanism Key West was in the 1920’s. Powerful best describes it.

An example is this day in 1923 in Key West. The Klan paraded in full, white  robe regalia with a fiery cross heading the procession. They rode through town town in 18 automobiles without stopping and without a word being spoken. The vehicles were all the same make and their license plates were masked.

Trump is returning to Facebook and Instagram. He already has been welcomed back to Twitter.

His 2 year suspension has been lifted.

A bonanza in the making for Facebook. Facebook needs the money.

An overall disgrace. The three social media sites mentioned will now be complicit in the spread of Trump’s hate and extremes.

Golf is an honest game. Cheating rare. Players, whether professional or amateur, play by the rules and penalize themselves for game violations.

Some do not, however. Like Donald Trump.

Among golfers, a player who cheats is looked down upon.

Trump played in a Florida tournament over the weekend. He lost. He claims he won. Other players say he did not win. Trump continues to claim he did. Others say he can only be claiming victory by having cheated.

Bess Levin became aware of the story. She wrote an article concerning his cheating in Vanity Fair: Trump Claims Winning A Golf Tournament He Appears To Have Cheated In Makes Him Unfit To Be President.

I agree.

Levin worked hard over the weekend. Another liar story. This one involving George Santos.

Levin revealed more Santos lies: An assassination attempt, a 5th Avenue mugging, and 300 drag shows a day in New York City schools.

What an imagination the man has!

Enough for today. I have a noon haircut appointment.

Enjoy your day!


    • Commander in Cheat was written in 2019, the year before he (Trump) received 74 million votes in the 2020 presidential election.

      George Santos received over 140,000 votes to be elected to congress.

      It seems that Republican voters love cheating liars!

      If you are a Republican, cheating is in your blood!

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