Did you know the colonists did not celebrate Christmas at the time of the American Revolution? Did you know that Christmas was illegal in Boston for about 15 years in the late 1600s? Did you know the Christmas as we know it today was given to us by Washington Irving?

Many unknown and interesting aspects with regard to Christmas on The Key West Lou Legal Hour this morning. 10 AM my time. Available worldwide. http://www.konkbroadcasting.com/.

Busy day yesterday!

A 10 o’clock hair appointment with Lori. Then directly to the gym. Yes, I boxed again.

I spent the afternoon Christmas shopping. I am almost done. One more gift to get.

The high point of my shopping spree was what to buy for the grandkids. They already have everything. I recalled the toy store in Mallory Square on the second floor of one of the buildings. A good place to buy toys. There I went.

Confusion! So many toys, so many games. I was befuddled!

I finally zeroed in on a battery operated helicopter that could fly. It excited me! I telephoned Lisa to make sure it would be okay. She said Robert already has one. And so it went. Every time I would find something for Robert or Ally, they already had it.

Lisa finally zeroed me in on some huge educational toy. Lisa and her family are game players.

I did something extra. It was really for Louis. I saw small bags of marbles. I have not seen marbles in years. I knew Robert and Ally did not have marbles. I bought them each a bag of marbles. Different colors. My purpose is so I may teach them how to shoot marbles. I did as a child and I want them to have the same experience.

Syracuse basketball last night! I was anxious to see them play Tulane. I was at the Sports Page Bar. The Sports Page has the best sports TV reception in town. Especially for college basketball. But not for the Syracuse game last night. With all the stations and games available, it was not carrying Syracuse/Tulane.

I was disappointed.  I ended up staying and grabbing a bite to eat. Steve showed up. He was disappointed also. He left.
I see from this morning’s news that Syracuse won handily 82-61. No big deal. It was expected.

The Big East starts next week on December 28. Syracuse plays Seton Hall. Every one of those games will be televised! The Big East will test Syracuse’s mettle.

Met an interesting couple at the Sports Page. From Morehead, Kentucky. He was Eric. She I cannot recall. My apologies. Eric is the director of business development for a small telephone communications company. She a college student at Morehead State, soon to be a teacher.They have been at the new Ibis Bay for three days. First timers to Key West. Love it! Plan on returning. Eric was asking about employment opportunities.

I have to hustle. Shower, shave and all those sort of things to get ready for the Internet show. Again, please watch me at 10 this morning my time if you can.

Enjoy your day!

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  1. I've been reading your blog for two years, and will be in Key West with my family starting tomorrow (for a week).
    If I see you at one of your usual "haunts," I will introduce myself.
    Have a blessed holiday!

  2. Thank you for the Christmas wishes on your show this morning.

    Merry Christmas to you too Louis. Have a fantastic holiday.

    We head to Florida Sunday. See you soon.

    Tom & Cindy

  3. I think marbles are a great idea ! Brings back memories of days gone by.. I'll bet the kids will get a kick out of them and the parents can slip on them and the dogs can eat them.. Just as when we were young, everyone survived and had fun doing it.. I wonder if I have any left? Patrick

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