Christmas Eve. Some good, some bad. Last night was good.

I arrived at  about 5. Robert and Ally ran out to greet me. They were all excited. Better word might be hyped. Santa Claus was coming!

It was me, the grandchildren, Lisa and Corey, Corey’s parents Karen and Curtis, and Betsy. We were picking at shrimp and other goodies prior to dinner. Christmas caroles playing in the background. .

At some point, Lisa got Robert and Ally to sing Christmas caroles. They enjoy doing it. As they were singing….. Santa Claus is coming to town, Santa himself came through the door!

A new Santa last night. My former Key West Santa Claus left town.. A disaster. I did not know how good the new one would be. He was terrific! He actually looked like Santa Claus. Big rosy red cheeks, great costume and terrific gift bag. The gift bag was lined with large bells which added to the moment. Best of all, Santa Claus had a Santa Claus personality.

As soon as Santa entered, Robert and Allie were quiet. Color drained from their faces. They were in awe.

Robert and Ally sat on Santa Claus’ lap and spoke with him. Santa insisted I sit on his lap, which I did . We took pictures. Lisa posted one on Facebook last night.

I have arranged for a Santa Claus for my children and  grandchildren in excess of  45 years. I have told the young ones in the past, and now Robert and Ally, that Santa Claus is my friend. That he and I speak on the telephone during the course of the year. They all believed in the past, as Robert and Ally do now, that such communication between Santa and me takes place.

Since last night was a new Santa, I spoke with him prior to the visit. I asked him to remind Robert and Ally we were friends. At some point Santa said, ” Poppa is my friend. We speak on the telephone all the time.”

Their eyes lit up! I was made!

Great dinner. Four fishes. Shrimp, clams and butter, stone crabs and anchovies in the antipasto. Lisa struggled to get the fourth fish. The meal was excellent as was the company. Good job Lisa!

I left as Robert and Ally were getting ready for bed. I doubted they would fall asleep soon. They were running at high intensity.

As I entered the door of my home, the telephone rang. Donna was calling from New York City to wish me a Merry Christmas. I wished her a happy Hanukkah. We talked about different things. Bernadette Peters will not be going with show to Los Angeles. She and Terri were disappointed, but Donna did not think it would affect the show.

I asked to speak with Terri so as to wish her a Merry Christmas. Donna said Terri was on the other phone talking with Liza Minnelli. Not uncommon. They have been close friends for years and have often performned together. Nevertheless, I am always impressed.

I received an earlier telephone call from Jenna who is visitng her parents in Indiana. Telephone calls also from Ahua in Bejing and Anne in Milan. Plus numerous emails from all over the world.

Thank you one and all!

Merry Christmas everyone!

I have to hustle. Lisa is having a Christmas Day brunch at nine in the morning where we will exchange gifts.

Enjoy your Christmas!

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  1. Merry Christmas Lou. I read your blog everyday and enjoy hearing about your "adventures" in my favorite place in the world. Perhaps we could share a cocktail when my wife and I return there in June!

    Joseph on the Golden Isles…

  2. Tsk, tsk, lying to little children. Shame on you. (LOL!) Is that what you learned at MC? Now what are you going to do when they FIGURE it out? (If they haven't already, given they're obviously smarter than the average Floridian.) Do you have a strategy for "Poppa lied to us!" realization. As a old lawyer, I'm sure you have how you're going to dig yourself out. As a fat old white guy injineer, I'm not that good. So I never lie to kids. Even "white lies". I use "I don't know for sure" a lot. See once you start to lie where and when does it end. Hence my doctrine "Never lie to you children. Ever. Under any circumstances." ROFL! (My sister-in-law sweated anytime her kids talked to me. They knew I was the "family oracle". Funny, how they knew not to ask the "right questions". Like Santa, Easter Bunny, sex, … or … even honest lawyers.)

    In any event, Dona Nobis Pacem, fellow Jasper

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