Key West weather continues to be terrific. 80° by day, low 70s in the evening.

Tomorrow brings a cold front. Do not laugh when I tell you what the temperature will be. It will feel cold to those of us who live in the lower keys. The high tomorrow is projected at 71 with a low of 65. Long pants weather!

I spent yesterday morning sitting outside by the water under the umbrella. Research and writing time.

Early afternoon found me at the gym. I had a scheduled workout with Courtney Aman. Grueling! I left a bit beat up. Stopped by Don’s Place for a glass of water. Read the newspapers and chatted with Rob and Todd.

When I finish this blog, it will be to the gym once again. This time to box alone.

My evening started at the Chart Room. Mary bartending. Mary works the Chart Room one night a week. A steady group of people in  and out. All tourists. I knew no one.

I decided to eat at the Pier House. Dinner by candlelight while sitting by the water. Larry Smith playing in the background at the Wine Galley. Fantastic! Saw Alex and Pati.

A simple day. A pleasurable one.

Enjoy your today!

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