As anticipated, yesterday was lovely. A comfortable 75°. Felt warmer. The 60° weather that had been projected for the evening never arrived. Last night was a comfortable cool.

A unique experience awaited me yesterday.

I spent most of the day revising my recent writings. The day was warm. I took a break and walked outside on the deck. A tree branch had been blown down. I went over to remove it. And there it was! A manatee!

I have seen several manatees over the years in Key West. This was first time I had seen one by my house. He/she was lying close to the dock.

I immediately ran down to view and communicate with my visitor. Manatees are described as sea cows. They are large hulks. Many bear propeller scars. My new found friend’s back was covered with them.

Fortunately, I have fresh water on the dock. I grabbed the hose, turned the water on and placed the end of the hose near the manatee’s mouth. The manatee took it in and swallowed away.

For those of you who may be unaware, manatees are fresh water drinkers.

I also took the opportunity to touch the manatee’s back. Then I rubbed the back. I had done this before when close to a manatee. Manatees enjoy being massaged as much as humans.

How much should a manatee drink? I did not know. When I felt the manatee probably had enough, I gently removed the hose. A few more rubs by me and the manatee headed for open water.

An interesting experience.

Last night it was Jenna and me at the Yacht Club.

Jenna has just returned from her Christmas holiday at home with her parents in Indiana. It had been a long time since she and I were out together. We sat and talked and talked and talked.

I like Jenna. She is a talented young lady. A hard worker. Her career is blossoming. She has a fantastic life ahead in the communications industry.

Enjoy your day!

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