Merry Christmas!

My Italian tradition celebrates Christmas both Christmas Eve and Christmas Day. Christmas Eve is the bigger of the two events.

Christmas Eve is the dinner of the seven fishes. Lisa has cut back a bit. She only does four. Seven or four, Lisa’s fish preparations are delicious!

It was Internet show time yesterday. The Key West Lou Legal Hour. Another great show. Crazy things happening all over the world. Makes it easy to prepare a fast moving and interesting program.

The big topic of the day was my dissertation on Christmas. No question. No one commented on anything after the show except for my talk on Christmas.

My thought initially was to say a few words as to how Christmas became legalized in the United States as a holiday. My research ended up going much further. All the way back to Babylon of old testament times. I traced Christmas from 1000 years before the birth of Christ to present day. The research revealed some interesting things. I shared them with those who were watching the show. You would be amazed!

It was gym time yesterday afternoon with Courtney Aman, my trainer. He did not have me boxing. I was primarily lifting weights. As I was doing so, the thought came to me that I’m supposed to have a heart problem. If I had a heart condition, I would be dead by now! I am doing some big stuff!

I’ve been going to the gym to box every day. I thought this would be helpful. Courtney has seen me there. He told me yesterday to cut back on the boxing. Not to exercise every day. I will now be working out Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday only.

Finished my Christmas shopping. One gift. Then it was to the Dollar Store. I needed wrapping paper, bags, and those sort of things. The line was long. It took me forever to check out. People were friendly, however. I was talking to a couple of people in front of me and one in back of me as we slowly move through the line. Took about 30 minutes to get through.

It was Hogfish last night! The place was absolutely packed! The most people I have ever seen. Standing room only. No exaggeration. Many people are visiting Key West this Christmas.

I ran into Pati and Steve. They were together having a drink. We talked a bit. Then I grabbed a seat at the bar for dinner. Hogfish fish and chips..

Then home to an early bed. Slept late this morning. I am doing this blog and it’s close to 10 in the morning. My apologies. I was comfortable in bed and stayed there.

Enjoy your day! Get ready for Santa Claus!

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  1. You are making my feminist side get up in arms. I'm not sure why you are not making some of the dinner courses, or ordering them and delivering them instead of saying that Lisa cut back to FOUR!. ( Hope you thought ahead and got her a super gift for Christmas, and not a last minute thought.)

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