Happy New Year! Less than 24 hours away!

I have no specific plans for this evening. I’ll take it as it comes.

Mike Yutzy, my friend from Las Vegas, is in town. He called last week. He was supposed to arrive yesterday and will leave in a couple of days. I am surprised he did not call last night. He and some friends have rented a house around the corner from La Te Da.

It was gym time with Courtney Aman yesterday. He killed me! We were working on the legs and arms with weights. With each successive session, the weights get heavier. I feel it!

I plan on stopping at the gym later this morning to box on my own.

Stopped in to Don’s Place after the gym. I needed a cold glass of water. Puff bartending. Don, David, Herschel, Billy and Joanie at the bar.

Don and David were engrossed in a conversation about bocce. The season is over. The new season doesn’t start for a couple weeks. However, you will recall that we play a side bet with three other teams.We ended up tied with another team for first. The playoff game will be Thursday night.

I wanted a quiet time last night. Did not feel like shaving or getting somewhat better attired. Hogfish became the place.

Hogfish was packed once again. The tourists and snow birds are definitely in town for the New Year holiday!

I sat at the bar alone, read the newspapers and ate. Amazing how one can be alone in a group of 300. I neither heard the noise nor sensed the crowd.

I did not sleep well last night. Tossed and turned. Awake most of the night. Could it be anxiety over New Year’s Eve? I doubt it.

Kathy telephoned. She will be back working as a bartender at La Trattoria this Sunday evening. Stop in and say hello. I am thrilled she is able to return to work so soon after two heavy abdominal surgeries. She is a good person. Everyone loves her. I love her.

Be careful tonight. Watch the drinking and driving. The authorities are out all over the place with DUI’s ready. Otherwise, have a very good time!

Happy New Year again!

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