Twas the day after Christmas…..

Holidays are great! Especially Christmas. But there comes a time when enough is enough. This morning marks the return to normalcy.

Brunch at Lisa’s was at 9 yesterday morning. Gift opening time. Robert and Ally all excited.

Santa Claus brought Robert drums. Are they called bongo drums? Two small drums bound together. Robert is always banging out tunes on the kitchen table. This will be better.

Ally got a pogo stick. She was thrilled. Robert wants to use it. He keeps asking if she will share. She consistently said no.

I spent the afternoon outside by the water. Reading Yankee Jack’s new book. Was It Something I Sang? Fun. Interesting. Read it. The book is available on the Internet and Yankee is personally selling them at the Bull when he is playing.

I wanted some private time last night. Opted for the bar at Tavern ‘n Town for a couple of drinks and a light dinner. The bar was packed. All tourists. Half the dining room was full, also. I sat alone at the bar for a couple of hours, off and on watching pro basketball, and contemplating my navel. That last phrase is another way of saying I was deep in thought.

Today I have nothing scheduled, except a work out at the gym at 2. Each morning I wonder what the day will bring.

Enjoy your day!

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