As predicted, it was cold yesterday!

The high by day was 69°. By night, 63. Sixty three is cold in Key West! I needed to throw a quilt over me last night. In addition to which, I wore long pants and a leather jacket when I went out.

The cold front came and went in 24 hours. It did leave the keys however with a slight temperature change. Though the high today will be 75°, low this evening will be 60°. That is cold! Warm days and cold nights ahead of us.

I was diligently working on my Friday Internet show when I received an e-mail from Guy de Boer. Guy is the owner of the station. He advised that he was tired and that the station would be closed Thursday and Friday so he could go boating.Typical Key West. Ergo, no show this Friday. My three or four hours work yesterday may be for naught. Some material can be used the following week. Most cannot since it has become dated.

Made a quick airport run to pick up a returning neighbor.

Terrific Syracuse victory last night! Syracuse beat Seton Hall decisively. By about 30 points. It was exciting!

I was shocked when I walked into the Sports Page Bar. Key West is busting out all over! The bar was packed ! The holiday season is bringing a lot more people than normal.

About 20 persons in the bar were there for the Syracuse game. Some were fans I had met last year last year. I got to talk with some of them. We will be sitting together over the next few weeks watching Syracuse games. Syracuse’s Key West cheering section!

I sat at the bar next to Brian and Anna. Brian is a vacationing attorney from Tampa. He did not go to Syracuse. He went to SUNY Buffalo. However he grew up in the upstate New York area and is a die hard Syracuse fan. It was obvious as we chatted during the game. He he knew everything about the players, scheduling, shots, etc. I enjoyed his company.

It was only nine o’clock when the game ended, so I stopped at the Chart Room. Glad I did. There was Jean Thornton and husband Joe. They were getting ready for a 9:30 dinner reservation at Michael’s. There were some other people in the Chart Room I had met previously. We chatted briefly.

It was still early when I left the Chart Room. So I stopped at Don’s Place.

Cheryl and Roger at the outside bar. A bit cold. The leather jacket helped. I am not ashamed to say I was wearing a leather jacket. I needed it. I had a drink and enjoyed their company. As always.
Then it was home to bed.

I have a busy day ahead. Sloan will be here at nine to work with me. At some point Lisa and I have to sit down and go over some things. I believe I have a dinner engagement with some one this evening. At this particular moment, I cannot remember who. Alsheimers? Old age?

Enjoy your day!

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