I feel like Little Jack Horner……What a good boy am I! I went to the gym again yesterday. Boxed. My upper arms are getting tired.

I played good neighbor yesterday. Picked a friend up at the airport.

Some things were blatantly noticeable. Twenty five years ago when I first started coming to Key West, there were 3 to 4 taxis for pickups at the airport. Yesterday, I counted 14. The receiving terminal was very busy. Extremely busy. The action and relatively new building reminded me of a big city airport like Tampa.

I do not like the Key West growth factor this evidences!

I worked on Fridays Internet show all afternoon on. Still have a bit more to do today. A good show in the making. Topics include some unknown things about Christmas, the Cuban embargo, Gingrich and judges, Iraqi woman released, Florida community advertising for nudists in Europe, a Washington update, Egypt and women, and more.

Join me at 10 AM my time. www.konkbroadcasting.com. Worldwide.

It was the Chart Room first last night. Emily bartending. When I arrived, there was no one else. Emily and I chatted a while. Then the place filled up. By that time I had had my fill of the Chart Room and left.

I ate at the outside bar at Kelly’s. Wings. The best wings in Key West! Big, tender, and juicy. Chatted with Chris the bartender.

Syracuse basketball tonight. Syracuse plays Tulane. Syracuse should win. I will be watching the game at the Sports Page Bar.

Someone commented yesterday why I was not using the new Big Ten Sports Bar to watch basketball. The reason is simple. The Big Ten Sports Bar is not open yet. It was scheduled to open last Saturday. However, the remodeling was not complete. The new start up date is this Saturday. If does open on Saturday, I will be there for the opening night party.

I have a conflict of interest developing. The Sports Page Bar and Patrick have been good to me the past three years. The service outstanding. John Lukas is the proprietor of the new Big Ten Sports Bar. John is a good friend, also. I will be splitting my time between the two bars watching Syracuse basketball.

Big day ahead. Haircut with Lori, boxing at the gym, buying grandkids Christmas presents, looking for Christmas presents for everyone else, and Syracuse basketball tonight.

Enjoy your day!

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  1. I've got a few people in my new office here in StL tuning into your show tomorrow, we're looking forward to it!

    Anxious to hear about the Cuban embargo as the new issue of Cigar Aficianado gives an 'insider's view' of Havana in hopes restrictions lift!

  2. we also love the sporets page lou! kristin,patrickand rusty. great food, awesome service. hope your mouth is better. merry christmas. hot 75 in columbia,sc………..BYRDMAN

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