Friday morning!

That means the Key West Lou Legal Hour. 10 am. World wide. Join me for an exciting informative hour.

Topics this morning penetrating and explosive. Revealing and informative.

My take on the Occupy Oakland fiasco, an economy that does not make sense, the hole in Obama’s plan to help defaulting mortgage home owners, cities and bankruptcy, airport security’s imposition re personal vibrators and tampons, China and polygamy, China on the bubble, Gadhafi’s virgin bodyguards, wife sharing in India, Orthodox Jews requiring women to sit in the back of the bus in New York City, the new Barbie tattoo doll, drug ingestion and bowel movements, Van Gogh’s death questioned, and more.

Sounds good! Is good! Listen and learn. The truth exposed.

Yesterday was spent refining today’s internet show. Then a couple of hours working with Sloan. She was very helpful. Plus, I babysat for two hours. Played Scrabble with the grandkids. They are good! Especially Robert. I was slow in thinking and making words. Must be my age.

I stayed in for health reasons. Missed bocce, Pretenders and toga party. There is always next year.

I was in bed early. Slept eight hours straight. Unusual for me. Feel terrific this morning.

Enjoy your day!

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