Key West weather consistent. Warm by day. Cool by night.

Consistency this weekend questionable, however. Rina on her way!

Rina is our present hurricane problem. Heading for Cancun now. 105 miles per hour. May leave Cancun a 3. There are three projected courses after Cancun. Two will bring some rain to Key West. The third goes right over. Could be a problem.

Wilma was the last bad hurricane to hit Key West. Only a 2. But 6 hours later, a 6 1/2 foot surge hit the island. Much damage. Devastation. Lisa’s home had 6 1/2 feet of water. Lost everything. Car, too. Took a year and over $200,000 to repair the house. She and the family lived with me that year.

Wilma hit this time of year. It also came up from the southwest as Rina is.

All we can do is sit and wait.

Last night was the Chart Room again. It has taken on a decidedly different flavor during Fantasy Fest.

JJ bartending. A smile on his face. A big night dollar wise.

Sheila there again. Love her!

The new boobs girl from the night before was back again. I saw them better last night. She went from a C cup to double DD. Impressive!

LiAnn. I have not seen LiAnn in months. We just have not run into each other. Beautiful and smart. We had a couple of drinks together. She was up for dancing at Virgilio’s. I was not.

Met Jim Scholl, the Key West City Manager. Nice guy. Knowledgable. A retired US Navy captain. His last tour of duty was as Commander of the Key West Naval  Base.

One or two guys from Indiana. Got into the Syracuse/Indiana Final Four game in New Orleans in 1987. One of them works for Google. Made for interesting conversation.

I realized I was hungry as I drove home. Stopped at Outback. Glad I did. Met two interesting people. Mother and son. Mother Beth Lis probably in her mid 50s. Son Waylon Gary mid 30s.

Waylon an artist. Does/did pencil drawings on Duval. Ready to move on. In the sense of another community.

Hope I run into them again while they are still here. Really enjoyed their company.

I ordered rack of lamb. Came out chops and chunks of lamb. Not the rack cut up. I thought nothing of it. Tasted terrific! When I was finished, the chef came out and asked how I enjoyed. I asked where was the rack. Apparently the rack supplier could not supply. What I had was the substitute. I told him I was 100 per cent satisfied. In fact, what I had had more taste than the usual rack.

I have been warning in my blogs, columns and internet show for two years that protests were coming. and following the protests, violence in the streets. Inevitable. A people cannot be screwed economically as we have.

It happened last night in Oakland with Occupy Oakland. It also happened in Rome. Oakland interests me more.

In the dark of night, 500 police officers set out to evict the occupiers of a park. The occupants had been pre warned. The cops were Oakland officers and those brought in from other departments.

Eighty five persons were arrested.

A reporter described the scene as “…brutal” and the show of force “…grossly outrageous.”

The police described the park as a “…crime scene.” That was prior to their entry.

We are on a bad path.

Golf this morning! I am excited. Tee off time cannot come too early for me. I have not played in five weeks because of my health. I don’t care if I shoot 135. I will be having fun!

Enjoy your day!

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