Starting late this morning! Was out last night.

It was a good night. A very good night.

My whole evening was spent at the Chart Room. Roughly four hours.

When I arrived, Sheila was at the bar with some friends. Love Sheila. Her leg is still mending. She had to return to work. She drives a tolley car train. Her leg aches. She hangs in there. A real  trouper.

Sheila will be leading the Fantasy Fest parade again this year. Her fourth year. I forget what her position is called. She will be driving an electric car. Her responsibility is to lead the floats in a timely fashion. She has the whistle, ear phones, etc. She’s the boss!

Mary was bartending. Looked fantastic last night! More than usual! I told her so. Thought it might be her dress. Sexy black with just the right clevage.

Sheila and her friends left. A couple came in. Tourists.

Jen and Jimmy. From Fort Myers. Came down a few days ago. Did not know it was Fantasy Fest time. Were leaving at 6 this morning. Staying at the Pier House. Needless to say, they were having a hell of a time. They will return.

Jen and Jmmy kept me interested and laughing for an hour. They had been to the Red Garter the night before. A strip/gentlemen’s club. Their rendition of the evening was one for the books!

In all  the years I have been in Key West, I have yet to visit the Red Garter. Some day.

Then a group of three came in. Two lovely ladies and a gentleman. Two were locals. One woman visiting. I am ashamed to say I cannot recall their names. But they were winners, also!

I had two fun groups, one on each side of me!

I enjoyed the new group big time. Especially one of the ladies. She had new breasts. She showed them to me. Nice.

It is Fantasy Fest!

Every night should be as fun filled as last night.

The weather is getting strange. Still sunny and cool. But…..a hurricane is on its way. Rina. Right now it is to the southeast. 100 miles per hour. It is supposed to turn north and east. Scheduled to hit Sunday if it does not.

I worked all day yesterday writing. Sloan spent a part of the early evening with me. Sloan is my new associate/assistant/helper. I brought her on board last week. Yesterday was our first work session together. I think she is going to work out. Already this morning we have been on the telephone several times.

This morning I have to knock out an Amazon Kindle legal blog. My topic involves painting nude bodies. Sound familiar! Key West at Fantasy Fest time. But, my legal blog concerns an artist doing it recently in Times Square in New York City. He was arrested. So, too, was the female whose body he was painting. The legal implications and out come are interesting.

The rest of today I will probably scew off. I need it.

Enjoy your day!

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  1. Lou, I've gotten to reading your blog just about every day as part of my morning ritual! Look forward to it as I'm living vicariously through them. My wife and I love Key West and as a matter of fact got married on the beach at the Pier House in August of 2010. KW has so much to offer. We only get down there once a year but hope to change that in the future. I'm very close to retirement and so is my wife. Keep up the good work and hope to meet you at the Chart Room on our next trip.. John

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