It was a good day yesterday!

It started with my internet show The Key West Lou Legal Hour. Some thought it was the best ever. I have learned it is in the topics. Topic choice is easy in this crazy upside down world we live in.

Based on post show comments, the most talked about topic involved Ghadafi.

I did a bit of a dissertation about Ghadafi. Unquestionably, a bad guy. But even tyrants/dictators do some good for their people. Otherwise they would not stay in power as Ghadafi did for 42 years.

I pointed out some benefits he provided his people. Free medical, gasoline 2 cents a gallon and free college. Regarding a free college education, if Libya could not provide the education required, the government paid for the student’s education in another country.

China is growing in the post show comment column. I am glad I got into China. Viewers are enjoying the exposure.

Last night Goombay! The start of Fantasy Fest. We are off and running.

Goombay is a street festival. Held in Bahama Village. The length of Petronia Street starting at Duval.

Food, music and trinkets. The smell/aroma of the cooking food is….. Oh! So good!

Goombay is a music and dance festival associated with drums. Those held between th knees and played by hand. The festival brings a happy party time which originated in Africa. It came to Key West via the Bahamas and the Africans who originally settled there.

Key West permitted Gombay to be extended several blocks this year. A good idea. It thinned out the crowd. There was room to walk comfortably last night.

I was particularly taken by the music. There was a 3 piece band on a stage at the end of Petronia by the water. Pulsating music! What a beat! People dancing. I stayed a while and enjoyed.

I did Goombay with friends from Don’s Place. Don and Steph, Herschel and Erica, Herschel’s visiting brother and sister in law, David and Karen, and others. There were 12 of us.

We met first at Don’s Place. Took two cabs to 801. 801 is a premier gay/drag queen bar in Key West. My first time there. We had a couple of drinks.

Then it was across the street to Petronia and the start of Gombay.

We met afterwards at Blue Heaven. It is in the middle of Goombay on Petronia. The place was packed. We finished our evening there drinking and socializing.

I left the group early. I can only take so much. I walked back to Don’s Place to get my car. A bit of a hike. However, the evening was cool. I enjoyed the walk and my thoughts.

It was home to bed. I caught the second half of the Syracuse/West Virginia football game. Ho ho ho! Syracuse won!

West Virgina was ranked #11 nationally coming into the game. Syracuse unranked. Lucky we were 4-2.
Syracuse whipped West Virigina! 49-23. Wow!

We have been in a building process the past several years. Maybe it is taking hold.

The win was an exciting conclusion to an already great day!

Enjoy your today!

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  1. Lou, you should start posting some photos of Key West to go along with your blog. Show the world how beautiful your town is.

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