Ho ho ho! Yogi bear!

It is a lovely morning!

Will it be a lovely evening? This is the last day of Fantasy Fest. The big parade tonight. About three hours long. Floats, floats, floats!

Eighty thousand people watching! I always wonder where they sleep. Key West is a small island, 1.5 x 4 miles. If you take all the motels/hotels in Key West and 100 miles up the keys, there is still not enough room for these people to sleep. Yes, some will sleep on the beaches. Otherwise, where do they stay? I wonder every year.

Getting back to the weather. Eighty degrees at the moment. Eight In the morning. A nice day ahead. But…..60 per cent chance of rain tonight. Would be a disaster if it rained on the parade!

I understand up north has had snow for two days. Some really heavy in the last 24 hours. Hard to visualize when one is basking in 80 degree weather.

Terrific feed back on yesterday’s internet show. The Key West Lou Legal Hour.

People hate banks. Especially Bank of America. Significant feedback on the Bank.

No other specific issue created a huge out cry in and of itself. Many of the topics commented on, however. Airport security and a woman’s personal vibrator and tampons aggravated some ladies. People expressed an unusual interest in Gadhafi and his virgin bodyguards.

So it went.

I spent some time after the show with Lisa and the grandkids. Robert and Ally had no school in the afternoon.

Lisa and Corey had teacher visits for both of them the day before. Robert is in the second grade. A ok in everything. No problem. Ally is in the first grade. Same thing. Lisa told her teacher she seems to be having a difficult time with math. The teacher said no wonder. She was so good at math that they now have her doing third grade math! Wow!

I am a lucky man. I get love from the grandkids coming and going.

Robert is the greeter. He is all over me hugging and kissing when he first sees me. Ally, I get a simple hug and kiss. But when I leave, Ally is almost chasing the car down the street. Her I love you Poppa and miss you Poppa resonate.

There was locals parade yesterday at 5. A big deal each year. Locals and tourists dress and march from the cemetery to Duval. The porches of the homes along the way are crowded with people watching and partying.

I have never seen nor particiatesd in the locals parade. Yesterday was my chance big time. I was invited to a party at a home on Fleming. I never made it. Opted to stay home and rest. Bad!

I stayed in throughout the evening. Wanted to watch the final game of the World Series. Baseball over Fantasy Fest! A great game. St. Louis won. David Freese was the MVP.

Freese is interesting. He has not played much the past two years. Injuries. Not much of a player either. Of course, he has not had an opportunity to show his skills. He was the hero of the Series, however. Unquestionably. Especially in games 6 and 7.

Freese only makes a paltry $416,000. Nothing for a pro baseball player. I think the minimum they can receive is $400,000. Not next year! Freese is the next instant millionaire! And well deserved

Occupy whatever. Will it grow? Will it peter out? I am not certain yet. I sense it is catching on. But I cannot grasp what is success, where is it going, etc.

Oakland was a problem this past week. I suspect the police over reacted. An Iraqi war veteran, Scott Olsen, was injured. Olsen is a two duty Iraqi veteran. He was shot in the head by a projectile fired by the police. Skull fracture. Still hospitalized. His condition a problem, though he is recovering.

A weapon should not be carried openly or unholstered, unless it is going to be used. It was used in this instance.

Where are we going?

Herman Cain is the man of the moment. His 15 minutes is up to an hour. The media now reports his support is growing in the South. Hard to believe. A black man being supported strongly in southern conservative Republican States.

We are a changing society. The problem is not enough people recognize this fact. Ergo, partisanship continues to be the problem in government.

Tonight is the night of nights in Key West! Fantasy Fest parade! Floats! Eighty thousand people along the parade route. I intend to go and wander about. But then again, this has not been a Fantasy Fest year for me. We shall see.

Enjoy your day!

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  1. " Wander about" ,, thats hard to do.. Some have panic attacks due to the crowded conditions.. Some of the ' scenery ' is nice though.. Patrick

  2. I am here on vacation and would like to take a peak at the parade but won't be drinking/partying. Can you suggest a location to watch where we can get an easy getaway if it gets too crazy? We were thinking get there early at the beginning of the parade. Thanks for any advice!

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