I am reliving my youth with my grandchildren. Actually the kids today have more fun than I did at their ages. Everything is a shade different or a lot different. The influences are different.

I go tricking and treating with Robert and Ally tonight. Love it! I did it with my children. Loved it then, too! My parents never did it with me. I do not recall parents walking closely or in the shadows back then. Probably because there was nothing to worry about. No one would even consider harming a child.

Montessori is having a costume parade this morning at 9:30. I will be there! The children selected their own historical figures. Robert is Ben Franklin and Ally Cleopatra. I can’t wait to see them!

Patrick is a snowbird. He must be back in Key West. Patrick commented following yesterday’s blog that he was surprised how clean the Key West streets were the morning following the Fantasy Fest parade. Yes, they are always that clean! Key West is organized for things like that. It does not surprise me. However, we who have been here forever tend to take such things for granted. I compliment Patrick for picking up on it.

Dinner at a new place last night. Vito’s Pizzeria on White Street.

A family event. Lisa and the family. Plus, the in laws. And me, of course.

We ate outside. I don’t know if there is an inside. Beautiful! Charming! Loved the atmosphere. Peaceful and calm. Green all over.

The music my kind. Frank Sinatra, Dean Martin and the like.

The only problem, we had to wait two hours to be served. So did every one else. Not nice. Not easy. Especially when you have kids with you.

The pizza cook failed to show up for work. The restaurant was filling up. Delivery orders were coming in. A disaster!

The food is ok. Especially for the money. The service a problem. I will give the place another shot. The atmosphere compensated.

It does not surprise me the pizza cook failed to show. That’s Key West! The night before was the Fantasy Fest parade. He probably got loaded. Contractors have a similar problem. If it is a nice day and the fish are biting, workers just do not show up. They would rather fish.

The biggest problem for Key West employers is employees showing up for work each day.

I skipped over to Don’s Place after dinner. Don there. Had a couple of drinks with him. The discussion? Bocce.  What else!

I see my heart doctor today.

Blood pressure under control. Fluid a problem. Big ankles every 4-5 days. Takes two days of water pills to bring them down. This, too, we shall conquer!

Enjoy your day!

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  1. Key West does keep its streets clean and at times it seems like a monumental task, like after Fantasy Fest.. I was just surprised that they were clean so early..
    You're right about the work situation.. I've spoken with quite a few business owners about the situation and most say that if anyone shows up 3 days in a row they'll make him[does seem to apply as much to she's] a foreman..
    Most of my other snow-bird friends are now in KW at Fort Zach, but, I haven't yet heard from them.. They must be busy getting settled in for the winter..

  2. The fluid problem you should be concerned about not good at all. Fluild can put you in Heart failure. If you start to have shortness of breath get to the ER ASAP..You will need an IV drip ASAP to get rid of the excess fluid in your body,You should rest your feet elevate them as much as possible try to rest more or your heading for trouble.. Not trying to scare you but I'm trying to warn this could me serious. I think you need a new Dr,

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