Where do I begin…..

The weather.

Forget about Rina. No longer a problem for Key West. Going to miss us big time. We will have rain friday and saturday off and on, however. From a different front coming up from the south.

Living on a sub tropical Carribean island is defintely interesting!

Golf yesterday was a disaster! It was my fluid problem. My ankles were swollen. I was tired by the time we made the turn. Big time. On the back side, I was lucky if my drives reached the ladies’ tee. For real! I picked up on many holes.

I pushed myself to finish. Did finish.

Played with Kurt, Rob, Yankee Jack and Aaron. Two bartenders from Don’s place, a singer from the Bull and a Key West marrying man. Three of them shot in the 80s. One in the low 90s. My perverted score was 124. More like 140.

It was home to bed afterwards. For the rest of the afternoon and evening.

My fluid problem I suspect is caused from my meds. The blood pressure is under control. But I am taking too many different pills. One or two are screwing up the fluid in my body. My ankles were huge by last night!

I took a water pill at three this morning. By six, I had lost 6 pounds. The six I had gained from the day before. My heart doctor is vacationing in New York this week. I will be with him monday. The problem has to resolved.

Two events tonight. Bocce and Fantasy Fest. I am doing neither. I will be staying home and resting.

I dislike missing bocce. It is a money game. Against Larry’s team. Believe me, it would be too much for me.

Tonight is the best evening of Fantasy Fest from my perspective. Pretenders and toga party.

Pretenders is a classy show at the Pier House. On the grounds. Music, costumes, etc. Standing, sitting  on the beach.

Toga is toga. On the street front of and inside Sloppy Joe’s. Men and women in scanty sheets parading their privates about. The women will show their breasts, derrieres and what have you to the men in exchange for beads. A voyeur’s dream. Remember, this is an adult party.

I shall miss both.

I have to babysit the grandkids for a couple of hours later this afternoon. In reality, they will take care of me.

I also have to finalize tomorrow’s internet show. The Key West Lou Legal Hour. Ten in the morning my time. http://www.konkbroadcasting.com/. Join me for some interesting, challenging and funny topics. Like China and polygamy, Occupy Oakland, the penis amputation case, Obama’s mortgage and student loan assistance programs, and more. Listen to my comments. I am not always in accord with popular conceptions. I call ’em as I see ’em.

And…..I have  to grocery shop. It was tough putting a meal together last night. The cupboard is really bare!

Enjoy your day!

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