Best day of the week!

This Sunday…..last day of Fantasy Fest 2011.

The big parade was last night. Floats and costumes. Thousands of people along the route. Jammed together. Screaming and reaching for beads. Beads thrown by the thousands from the floats.

Last night’s parade was called the Captain Morgan Fantasy Fest Parade. Named after the pirate of old who planned his raids from right here in Key West.

I did not make the parade last night. Stayed in again. Early to bed.

I have done Fantasy Fest for many years. Some years, I do many of the events. Others, few. This year very few. In deciding to stay in last night, parking was one problem. I would have had to park too many blocks away and walk long distances back and forth. I was not in the mood for the stifling heat caused by thousands of bodies thrown together in a small space. I was not drinking.

I have seen it all. Done it. This year opted not to participate. Next year is another story.

I dressed the night of the parade once. An interesting experience.

My costume was nothing special. I threw on a judge’s black robe and a black eye mask. Wore shorts and a tee shirt underneath.

The beauty of the experiece was walking up and down Duval Street for two hours before the parade. Parade watchers are permitted to do so before the parade starts.

 I saw everything. No one knew me. Because half my face was covered, no one recognized me. I could look at anything and everything I wanted. Do whatever I wanted. And no one would know it was Louis.

A WOW trip!

I also missed bocce Thursday night. Spoke with Don yesterday. We lost all three games. To Larry’s team. Bad! We were way ahead of them in the rankings. Still are. Does not make sense. It was also a money game.

Maybe I was missed ????? Just joking!

Donna telephoned. Good to hear from her. She wanted to say hello, how are you, etc. She knows from this blog I have not been feeling well. Love her concern! Love her and Terri!

Donna reminded me that their third anniversary was coming up. What anniversary? You have not been married that long!

The third anniversary of Donna and Terri’s meeting. Not marriage. Ah, women! They met three years ago at the Keys Piano Bar.

The Occupy thing becomes more interesting. There is turbulence in the ranks. The Wall Street group is fighting with each other. Physically.

Enjoy your Sunday!

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  1. Boy, the town was cleaned quickly.. Hardly any sign of what went on last night..
    Occupy Wall St, I think the weather will help take of the Zucotta Park troubles.. Patrick

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