The Memorial Day weekend is over. It was one of the best I have ever experienced!

Fun each day. And night!

Mikey and Marissa leave tomorrow for Lexington. No more will they live in Key West, though I am sure they will visit. They are as attached to Key West as Plymouth rock is to Massachusetts.

The day started with a scramble in their honor. My team consisted of Nate, Rob, Jeff, Marissa and me. Marissa of Mikey and Marissa fame. I was honored to ride with her. She hits the golf ball better than me! But then, who doesn’t!

Nate is a former pro player. Need Nate on your team. He was our #1. He can drive greens on par 4s! However, not yesterday. But close enough. The rest of us were actually playing pitch and putt.

We won the overall. A minus 5. We all contributed. I sunk a few long putts.

Two other teams won also. One team for having the most birds on the front. The other for the same on the back.

Each winning team won a $100. We put it together and contributed the $300 to the bar tab at the party to be held in the evening.

The party in Mikey and Marissa’s honor was huge! Everyone there. Don’s Place, of course. The $300 ran out early. The food was filling. I enjoyed the people and the evening.

About 2 this morning, I was awakened by a big bang. It was raining Key West style. You really have not experienced a rainstorm unless you have lived on the water. Noise, wind, streaks of lightning. The palm trees a chorus in the background. A bit eerie, a bit scary.

We needed the rain. Things are very dry in the keys this year.

Today is a day of rest. Breakfast, a shower and a walk. Tonight dinner with my neighbor Andrew who soon will be returning to his other home in Switzerland.

Enjoy your day!

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