My girl Terri White opened Saturday in Follies at the Kennedy Center in Washington, D.C.

She was a hit! The show was a hit! As one reviewer said, it is not “if” the show will make Broadway, but “when.”

Terri’s Follies is a revival of the 1970s landmark musical. Music and lyrics by Stephen Sonheim. The one month Washington revival is costing its producers $7.3 million.

My Terri, Key West’s Terri, played the brassy Stella Deems. One reviewer said that song and dance of Who’s That Woman was the knockout number of the show. Some testament when you consider that Terri’s costars included Bernadette Peters, Esther Paige, Linda Lavin and Regine. Furhter reviewer comments stated Terri….. stole the show…..was a showstopper…..her performance galvanizing…..delightfully unbridled…..was full of irrepressible exuberance……and that  Terri’s performance, especially of Who’s That Woman, had snap and style.

Go, Terri! We all love you! Continue breaking a leg!

A contingency from Key West attended the black tie opening. It included Lynda and Bob Frachette and Diane May. I had planned on attending. In the end, could not make it. My apologies, Terri.

I had a pleasant morning yesterday. A haircut and manicure. That became my day. I was so tired from staying up till 1:30 the night before, that I slept the rest of yesterday away. I tried to watch the Miami/Chicago game from bed last night. Kept falling asleep. I had to wait till this morning when I woke to learn who won.

This morning golf! I am rested and ready.

Enjoy your day!

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  1. Looking forward to the Follies next month. The Washington Post review was also very good and Terri certainly stood out.

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