I am beginning to worry. I actually think that thus far this has been the best Memorial Day weekend of my life.


And I still have another day!

Today can’t miss. A scramble golf tournamnet this afternoon and a big party tonight at Don’s Place. All in honor of Mikey and Marisa who are leaving Key West. Mikey has been offered a lucrative position with a major corporation in Louisville. Which also happens to be the home area from whence both Mikey and Marisa originally came.

Last night was Jean Thornton’s surprise birthday party. All of sixty years old! Still a kid!

The party was at the Chart Room. Everybody there. Like David, Sheila, Clayton, Valerie, Stephnaie, Frankie and Jean’s husband, Joe. Plus, Jenna and me. And many more I did not even know.

Jean came in wearing a tiara. A Key West thing done by woman on their birthday. The celebrant and friends wear tiaras and do the Duval crawl. Jean did the crawl with part of her gang last night. They were in five bars before they arrived at the Chart Room.

Jean is a little girl at heart. She literally jumped with joy when she arrived. Surprised she was!

The birthday cake was a key lime pie. Delicious!

I have spoken of Jean many times. She is one of Mel Fisher’s golden girls. Jean was an Indiana school teacher. She and another school teacher friend visited Key West a number of years ago. They wanted to dive with Mel fisher. They persuaded him to take them out. The girls found emmeralds and gold! Ergo, the golden girls title.

It was a life changing event for both ladies.

Jean and husband Joe now have a condo here in Key West and a home in Alabama. They shuttle back and forth. Jean still dives. Primarily with the Mel Fisher group. And, she has found more goodies on the ocean floor since that first time many years ago.

Some one described Jean’s party on Facebook this morning. EPIC was the term used. It was.

David told me to mention something on the blog this morning. Dementia is setting in. I have no recollection what you asked, David!

I have been able to continue on my low carb diet while undergoing all this dental work. Not yesterday, however. It was Key lime pie last night at Jean’s party. During the day it was brownies! Yes, brownies!

Jenna made me brownies. I ate them all yesterday afternoon. I was only going to have one. One lead to two, two to three, and soon I had consumed the whole plate.

I had absolutely no guilt!

Enjoy your day!

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  1. sounds like life is awesome lately lou. good for you ! glad to hear your mouth is better. sunny, hot, beautiful and 93 degrees in columbia,sc ! BYRDMAN………….

  2. "Sounds like you have no self control"

    Well he IS in Key West after all, ever been there? Self control is for Puritans. Occasionally, we all need to let it go and relax, life is short, leave with a smile as you won't be back.

  3. Yes, I have lived in KW and understand the need to relax. That doesn't mean you have to eat a whole plate of brownies.

  4. No self control with sweet treats is why old fart Lou lost all his real teeth.

    All of Key West knows your story–how you deserted your NY wife with zero and set sail for our island and the gold digger who latched onto you and your bank account and your death certificate.

    You are fooling no one so sit and spin foolish made up tales from your soon to be short- sale Key Haven home as we native Conchs point and laugh.

    Lou you haven't a clue about Key West and you never will.

  5. "Sounds like you have no self control?

    We read Lou's blog for enjoyment. We don't login to read your peanut gallery comments. I'm sure I represent most of the readers when I ask you to remove yourself from this blog and channel your hatred or jealousy to someone else.

  6. Tom Tom the Indiana Hooooozer ( or should I say looser ), it is a free cyberworld out her on the web and anyone can post comments or opinions.

    Don't like it? Don't read it! What do want — every person to agree? Get over it!

    Do you understand or us stupidity a genetic flaw with you????

    You are a waste of air space to most of us who comment here— are you afraid to read the REAL TRUTH about Lou and burst your fantasy bubble ?????

  7. Anonymous: From reading your post, sounds like you should leave the keys immediately and enroll in a basic grammar class. "Her" should be "here". "Looser" should be "loser". "What do want" should be "what do you want"."Or us stupidity" should be "or is stupidity". Really, I'm the loser? you're an idiot.

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