Good morning!

It is the middle of the Memorial Day holiday weekend.

In my former life up north, we readied for the weekend. Got the yard clean. Pulled out the lawn furniture. Opened the pool. Cook out time!

We had our cook outs. Rarely swam, however. The weather did not generally work hand in hand with our desires. It was always too cold to go in the water. Pool use took another 2-4 weeks. Sometimes as late as July 4th.

I woke early this morning. I watched the sun come up. There was a bank of black clouds over the horizon. The sun came up behind the clouds. A dull orange across the sky. Beautiful!

The black clouds are gone. A few white ones remain. The weather is the same as yesterday and the day before and the day before. Going back several months. Sunny. There is a strong wind coming in off the Atlantic. I hope it helps with the humidity.

Another big night last night!

Jenna was my companion. Becoming a habit. We are merely friends, however and unfortunately.

We started at the Chart Room. Michael bartending. Sean there. No Katherine. She was working. She coordinates weddings and parties at the Ocean Key . She had a big wedding last night.

Then it was off to Sloppy Joe’s. My idea! I had not been there in roughly 3 years. Neither of us were that hungry. I said then we are off to Sloppy Joe’s. I know just the dish!

Sloppy’s serves a side order that is sloppy! But…..oh, so good! Fries covered with ground beef, melted mozzarella and red sauce. To die for!

Jenna and I shared one order. It was just enough.

And I was able to handle the food. My mouth was not a problem.

We then walked to Maison de la Pepe on Mallory Square. I probably spelled the name wrong. We went specifically for some salsa dancing. Wowie!

When we left, I was still full of vim and vinegar. Jenna was not. She died on me. I dropped her off at her home.

My car then found its way to Don’s Place. I am glad it did!

It was party time! Just like a fraternity party. Darts, pool, dancing and booze! Lest I forget, beautiful women!

I sat at the end of the bar and chatted with Russ, Erica and Herschel. Jiummy was wandering around. Rob and Bebe were shooting darts. Kurt was bartending. He said he knew about 6 people in the whole place, including those I mentioned. The rest were tourists partying big time! They provided another dimension to Don’s Place last night.

Today is Sunday. I have a party tonight. Other than that, I have absolutely no idea what I will be doing.

Enjoy your day!

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  1. Lou, I hope you find a soulmate. You seem too nice and way too much fun! In the meantime, it sounds like you are doing just fine. Good for you.

  2. Lou,

    I hope we bump into you sometime when we are in Key West. My husband and I bought a home (in KW) just a little over a year ago—condo actually—and love our little slice of paradise. We stumbled onto your blog accidently (a good accident I might add) and now faithfully read your blog everyday. We are back in Ohio for the summer/fall months but will return to KW in October.


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