Jeff Beil died.

I found out last night when I arrived at the Chart Room. Sheila was a wreck. They were good friends.
Jeff was a Key West artist whose work has been exhibited world wide. He was on the brink of outstanding success. He left us early. I would estimate his age around 50.

I was out with Jenna last night. We did the Chart Room and Kelly’s together.

We met an interesting couple from the Toronto area at the Chart Room. Michael and Marni. They are frequent Key West visitors. Michael’s work involves emplyee benefits. A nice couple. Marni very lovely. They are here for the week. Hope I run into them again.

Jenna and I decided to eat at the outdoor bar at Kelly’s. I had not been there in ages.

It was wings for me! The best in Key West!

Helen was bartending. She looked familiar. Knew Jenna by name right away. Turns out Helen used to work at Bottlecap. She bartended when the Larry and Jenna show played there.

The Bottlecap was always crowded for the Larry and Jenna show. Helen surprised me, however. She said the show patrons were not drinkers. Simply stated, it was not a good night for the Bottlecap and its staff moneywise. I felt bad.

I dropped Jenna off after dinner and stopped at Don’s Place. I was anxious to watch the Dallas/Oklahoma basketball game. Caught the second half.

Many familiar faces at Don’s. Mikey, Marisa, Angus, Toni amongst others. Kurt showed up towards the end of the game.

I watched the game with Michelle. I was pulling for Dallas. She, Oklahoma. Michelle is a fun person to watch basketball with.

She blamed me for Oklahoma’s loss. When I sat next to her, Oklahoma was ahead by 15 points. Dallas won in overtime. Ho ho.

The game finished late. It was close to one in the morning. I did not get to bed till 1:30. Very late for me!

I am going to do a Louis morning. A haircut by Lori at 10 and a manicure from Tammy at 11.

Enjoy your day!

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