A weather comment again! Absolutely magnificent! Warm by day, cool by night!
It was 83 degrees at 10 last night and cool! The wind off the ocean is what does it.

I think I am losing it a bit. My head keeps telling me I have somethiong to do at 10 this morning. What? I do not know. I will learn at 10:30, I am sure!

Golf yesterday morning!

I played with Tom and Yankee Jack. I won the first five holes!!! Wowie! I was on a run!

That was it, however. My game reverted. I never won another hole.

Fortuantely, I only lost $4. Tom was the big winner. He won $4. Yankee broke even.

I visited with Lisa after golf. She has laryngitis. It was a one way conversation.

Dinner was at the Yacht Club last night. Chatted at the bar for a while with Paul Toppino. Then Jenna arrived. We were scheduled to have dinner together.

As Jenna and I were sitting down to dinner, my cell phone rag. It was Jean Thornton. She told me she was at Vino’s and that Stephanie Kaple was having a stiletto competition. The judge failed to show. Would I come over and judge? No. I was hungry.

I did know what I was missing!

After dinner, Jenna went home. I went to Vino’s. The place was jam packed! I was thrilled for owners Clayton and Valerie.

I spoke with Jean and Stephanie. What is this stiletto thing, I asked. Stephanie is into female shoes. High heeled ones. Her life! She has a club. The Stiletto Society. Sounds like a mafia hit squad!

Once a month, the Stiletto Society has a competion. The girls parade at Vino’s. Red carpet and all!

I made my apologies to Stephanie. I promised to judge the contest next month. One problem, however. What do I know about female shoes! One high heeled pair is like another to me. I told Stephanie I would have to judge based on the whole torso. She said, no! Nothing above the ankles!

Joe Thornton was in. Just arrived yesterday. How he keeps up with Jean, I do not know. She is go, go, go!

As part of the festivities at Vino’s last night, there was a woman from Boston. She had a table of goodies. Sex toys and the like. She was talking about sex/love situations. Very seriouis commnets by her and in return by those she spoke with. Covered it all!

Only in Key West!

I had a great evening and was home in bed by ten! Alone, of course!

Tomorrow morning is my internet show. The Key West Lou Legal Hour. Ten in the morning. http://www.konkbroadcasting.com/. World wide on the internet. Please join me.

The show seems to get better each week. The topics help. The world is full of crazy people doing crazy things.

Tomorrow’s topics include present day slavery, Nazis and talking dogs, high blood pressure among the young on the rise, a prison bar in Mexico, children being cheated in the New York City educational system, a nursing bra store closed by New York City, a suicide update, Texas and guns on campus, second hand smoking from a new perspective, Philip Morris, human breast milk and cheese, poincianas, Highwood Bocce Club, U.S. Post Office in economic distress, and more.

A United States submarine lost during World War II was discovered this week. Ten miles off Key West in 600 feet of water. It was the USS R-12. The submarine was of World War I vintage still in use during World War II. It went down on July 12, 1943. Sank in 15 minutes. Forty two lives lost.

A bit of closure for the families of those lost.

The King of Ghana was back visiting Key West this week. He is actually the King of La. A huge tribe in Ghana. The King is a political heavy weight.

His full name is King Nii Kpobi Tetty Tsuri III.

He and son in law Corey are friends. Corey has been one of the primary movers with regard to the slave cemetary at Higgs Beach. Two hundred ninety five Ghana persons lie buried there. Brought here as slaves, their vessel destroyed by a hurricane, they ended up on the beaches of Key West. Key West took care of them. However, 295 died.

The graves were only discovered in the last several years. The King came for a ceremony last year. He returned for another ceremony this week which honored the dead. He considers the dead his people, his responsibility also.

Corey says he is a good guy.

Bocce tonight.

Bocce is important. But babysitting more. I have been called to duty. Lisa and Corey have somewhere to be. Hopefully, I will make the last game.

Enjoy your day!

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  1. Hey Lou, enough with the weather already. Most of us have been through the winter and spring from hell! A little sensitivity might be in order.


  2. Hey, Key West weather has finally moved north..to Virginia anyway. I can understand Lou's enjoyment of it. Weather colors the possibilities of the day.

  3. Lou,

    Don't stop with the weather. I like to fantasize about living where the sun shines bright and the breezes are warm year round. Here in Illinois, since the first of the year, we have had record snowfall, a cold, wet, dreary spring and major flooding. Soon it will be summer and everything will dry up, turn brown and blow away. . Ya just can't beat the good old midwest.

  4. Overall, the weather in the keys is great.. This winter was wonderful as always..Once back home in upstate New York there was three decent days then the weather turned dreadful.. A tornado even went through last night.. Patrick

  5. OK! the real question is: Now that you have introduced the kids to golf, when do they start learning Bocce?

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