These storms being experienced world wide remind me of God’s wrath brought down upon Egypt and its Pharoh by Moses.

What a beating Joplin, Missouri took last night!

 A tornado of such intensity that cars flew about and were crushed as easily as a beer can. Whole neighborhoods wiped out. Numerous dead.

 I spent the day home yesterday. Read the papers and watched the talk shows in the morning. Lisa and the family came over in the afternoon to swim. Robert and Ally became my afternoon. Last night, I remained in to watch the Heat/Bulls game. A terrific game! I was thrilled to see Chris Bosh play so well.

Skinny dipping is rather common place in Key West. Not at the public beaches or hotels. At private homes. Most homes have pools.The pools are generally landscaped so privacy is assured. Ergo, skinny dipping.

Yesterday,  I was doing some historical reading. One of our Presidents was a skinny dipper. At first I thought it might be John Kennedy. He had a bad back and it was popular knowledge that he swam in the White House pool daily to relieve it. I had never heard of Kennedy swimming in the raw, however.

Turns out it was not John Kennedy. It was another John. John Quincy Adams.

Adams is historically known to have been very straight laced.. Not when it came to his exercise, however. Each morning he would rise just before dawn and walk down to the Potomac. He would tie his clothes in a bundle and jump in.

Forget Secret Service. It did not exist back then as it does now. Adams would make his swimming trips on his own.

Historical folk lore says a female journalist showed up while Adams was skinny dipping one morning. Her name was Anne Royal. She wanted to interview the President. She could not get an appointment to do so. The story goes that she followed him to the Portomac one morning. She sat on his clothes and would not leave till Adams gave her the interview.

An enterprising woman.

I did a Suicide Update on my Amazon Kindle legal blog yesterday. It had to do with mail order suicide kits. A 91 year old California woman is selling them. The kit has specific directions, a plastic bag, tubing and instructions regarding the use of helium. I wrote about the mail order suicide kit because Oregon is in the process of outlawing suicide by mail order kit. Oregon has a Death With Dignity law. It permits physician assisted suicide. However, Oregon considers suicide by mail order kit to be sleazy.

This morning’s newspaper reports the death of Joseph Brooks in New York City. Brooks won an Academy Award for his song “You Light Up My Life.” He committed suicide via the method described in the mail order kit. Whether he specifically utized the kit described, I do not know.

Enjoy your day! Go out and have some fun!

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