Another terrific radio show yesterday! Love doing it! Excited you enjoy it!

I was surprised at the topic which received the most post show comment. Missouri and strip clubs. Missouri is attempting to close down strip cluibs. A moralistic as well as legal endeavor. I made mention amongst other things of the plight of a strip club working girl.

I wrote a lengthy piece on the issue for my Amazon Kindle legal blog also yesterday.

KONK 1500 AM is slow in publishing the archiving of its shows. This week two additional shows were made available for viewing on demand. They involve my radio shows of 3 and 4 weeks ago. Sorry, nothing I can do about the delay. If you are interested in viewing them, the internet sites are and

After the show, I headed for the Coffee House. Sat in my usual chair. A green wingback inside. Sipped coffee and read the New York Times.

Met Lisa and Robert for lunch. Goldman’s. Shared Robert’s cheeseburger. Delicious!

Spent two hours at home afterwards working on yesterday’s Key West Lou Law article for Amazon Kindle.

Cupboard was bare again. Headed to Publix. Love Publix! Love shopping! I know. A lot of you ladies will say I can do your shoppiong since I enjoy it so much.

Donna was in bed all day. Sick. A bug. Terri had two separate rehearsals for the Key West Pops show which is scheduled for Sunday night. The house was quiet. One in bed and the other out all day.

I have been on a low carb diet. Struggling with the last 4 pounds to make a total of 30 lost. I was reading a book Thursday night on low carb eating. It said there was a low carb ice cream. Breyer’s Low Carb. Only 4 carbs. I bought it!

A real treat! It has been more than 4 months since I have had ice cream. I have been dying for it! Tasted pretty good, too. Whatever the ice cream might have lacked in taste, the mind made up for it.

Today, Syracuse basketball! At noon. I will watch at the Sports Page Bar. Syracuse plays Villanova. Another tough game. Villanova is a top ten ranked team also. Syracuse should win. They are playing at home, Joseph will be back and the team will be anxious to make up for last week’s defeat by Pitt.

Enjoy your day!

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  1. the game is not going well lou. getting sick of watching it really. 4 of us are going to virgilio's monday at 7. please join us for a soda! our time is short and we really want to chat with you. keep up the good work my friend. gary and tecia

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