Crazy Key West weather!

That time of the year!

Eighties one day. Sixties the next.

Yesterday no golf. Too much rain the night before. I did not waste the day, however. Treated myself to a manicure and pedicure with Tammy at Lee Nails. The pedicure was especially relaxing.

Tammy said I looked better. She was concerned. The previous week when I was in for a manicure, I did not look well she said. Tired appearing.

I was out with Kurt last night. He basically said the same thing. He said I had energy.

Jenna mentioned the same thing while we were working the day before. She noticed a big change in me. She described it as energized.

I attribute it to the cut back in my meds by the heart doctor a few days ago. Two pills were cut in half. One eliminated. I think the two cut in half are responsible. I was over medicated.

The one eliminated may be a problem. A water pill. Yesterday was only my second day off of it. My lower legs and ankles were gigantic last night!

I see the doctor at 9. Blood giving time. A fasting blood test. I can see me popping a water pill afterwards.

I do feel better! Energized! I am thrilled. It has been a long time since I felt this good!

Watch, I’ll get hit by a bus or something today.

After Tammy, I headed to Publix. Did some minor shopping.

Then home to write. Did yesterday’s Amazon Kindle Key West Lou Law blog. I revisited Rahm Emanual’s residency case in Illinois. Commented on what I perceive as possible politics playing a part in the decision making. What else to expect? It’s Illinois!

Kurt and I were out and about last night.

The evening began at Aqua with Bobby Nesbitt. Donna and Terri were there. Terri sang a few songs solo and as a duo with Bobby. Terrific entertainment!

My Syracuse buddies Dan and Lisa were there also. As well as Lynda, Bob, Tom, Kathy, Mark and every one else. A good time!

Dinner at Michael’s. I am sad to advise that after 14 glorious years, Emmettt is no longer bartending. He’s gone.

One of Michaels’ feature meals is the veal chop. Stuffed with all type goodies. I had never had one. I did last night based on Kurt’s recommendation. Wow! Can’t wait to have the next one! That good! Tasty!

Then to the Bottle Cap for Larry and Jenna’s show.

What a crowd. The biggest ever.

Michael Thomas was the star attraction. A velvet voice.

Pat used to live in Key West. A couple of years ago she moved to Arizona. She recently returned to live again in Key West.

I never knew Pat before. While she was in Arizona, we bacame Facebook friends. We met at the bar at Bottle Cap for the first time last night. It was a quick hello and hug. I look forward to getting to know her better.

I left before the show was over. Too crowded for me. I was sitting in the back and could not see. People ended up standing in front of me. Too many people to move around. I went home.

One of my dear Facebook friends in Jakarta, Indonesia had her picture on Facebook this morning. Angie. A lovely lady. The picture was of her and her jewelry. She earns a living by creating jewelry.

I had a date to go to the movies toinight. Got a call late yesterday. I am being stood up. Can’t win. This being single is a pain!

Enjoy your day!

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