Casey is being sent down to the minors!

Syracuse lost again last night!

Three defeats in a row!

Syracuse lost at home. Against Seton Hall who came into the game with an 8-12 record. Syracuse was 18-2.

Not even close. Seton Hall destroyed Syracuse 90-68. Thirty seconds into the game, I announced to those watching with me: This is Villanova all over again! The threes were falling against us.

Offensively, Syracuse stunk. Shot only 36 per cent. Seton Hall has the worst shooting percentage in the Big East. Not last night. They hit on 54 per cent of their shots.

Defensively, Syracuse humiliated themselves. The zone failed again. Seton Hall was dropping the 3s from the outside and driving up the middle almost at will.

Unquestionably, Syrcause is now screwed up mentally. Boeheim has his hands full.

They say January is the best time to lose games. It is a learning process. A get ready for peaking just when its time for the big tournament. Perhaps this will be Syracuse’s destiny. I hope!

I watched the game at the Sports Page Bar with Jenna. Dan and Lisa Riordan showed up. I have not seen them since last season. They had just arrived in Key West. First thing on their agenda was the Syracuse game at the Sports Page Bar.

Dan and Lisa are from Skaneateles, New York. A small town about 20 miles outside Syracuse. They have owned a restaurant for years in Skaneateles. Called the Blue Water Grill. A Skaneateles mainstay.

We watched the game together. It was good to see them again and share their company.

My day yesterday started with a haircut. Lori was especially happy. She could not wait to share with me her great accomplishment. I said, you’re pregnant! She said, no. She ran a half marathon over the weekend! First time!

Good for her!

I asked if she would now try for a full marathon. No was her response. The training would take too much time and be too difficult. She was satisfied with having completed the half marathon.

Afterwards, I went over to the Coffee House. Sipped a bit and browsed through the New York Times.

I then spent some time at home writing. Yesterday’s Amazon Kindle legal blog. About Rahm Emanuel’s problems with residency in Illinois.

This is Wednesday. Golf time! Not today!

Major rain all night. Thunder and lightning. One time I was awaken by a flash coming through the windows. Lightning! There is no fooling around when there is a thunderstorm over the ocean!

Although not raining at the moment, showers are predicted for this morning.

I called Don to tell him I was not playing. The ground would be too wet. It takes time for the earth to absorb rain water here. Especially a heavy storm. Key West is at ground level.

Don said no problem. He was getting ready to call me to say none of us were going to play because the course would be too wet.

Tonight will be Bobby Nesbitt at Aqua at cocktail time. Donna and Terri are planning on going, also. That means Terri will get up and sing a few tunes. She and Bopbby sang a duet at the Pops the other night. One of Richard Rodgers tunes. I am sure they will repeat it this evening.

At 9 , I plan to be at the Bottle Cap for the Larry Smith Variety Show starring Larry and Jenna.

With no golf, I have a huge hole in my day. Think I will replace golf with a manicure and pedicure. A be good to Louis occasion!

Enjoy your day!

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