Yesterday was the circus!


I enjoyed it immensely.

Went with Lisa, Corey and the grandkids. Being with Robert and Ally made the event exceptionally special.

The circus was by the water behind Truman Annex. I think its name was Warner Brothers Circus. Not a big one. Not Ringling Brothers Barnum and Bailey. Small and intimate might best describe it. From the tent to the acts.

Before we even went inside, Robert and Ally had to ride the ponies. Three of them were working. I felt sorry for the ponies. They looked like they had been at it for years.

Anyhow, Robert and Ally were excited. They rode like pros. Robert looked a bit big for the pony ride. His first words after his ride was over were to the effect that he was too old to pony ride. He lived and learned.

We had great seats. Right in the middle.

The value of the event were the faces of the children and adults. Everyone into the show. Laughing away! Robert and Ally overjoyed. Every part of the show excited them.

Of course, there were eats! Like cotton candy, nachos and pop corn. We did it all!

I must admit I really enjoyed myself. Perhaps there is truth to the adage that old age is a second childhood.

Enjoy your day!

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