It was a different Sunday. Instead of pro football at Don’s Place, I watched the Key West Pops dress rehearsal at the Tennesee Williams Theater.


I was relegated to the dress rehearsal because I did not buy a ticket in time. The show was sold out for last night. It did not make a difference. A dress rehearsal means dress. Every one attired as if performing in the for pay show, except the orchestra.

Their were about 20 of us sitting in the audience.

Terri White was outstanding! A true professional!

Some of Donna’s family were there also. Her six month old grandson and two year old granddaughter behaved perfectly.

I hope some of you had the opportunity to see the show last night. If you did, you were part of a remarkable evening!

Speaking of Terri, today is her birthday! Happy birthday, love!

We are having a small dinner party tonight for Terri. Just Terri, Donna and me. Donna is doing the prep work. Stone crabs!

After the Pops, I returned home to do my Amazon Kindle legal blog. The Philadelphia story! A horror! Man’s inhumanity to man in the twenty first century. After you think you have seen and heard it all, a new heinous crime is announced to the world.

Sunday dinner last night at Lisa’s with the family. Read the Sunday papers, watched some football and enjoyed the grandkids.

I am babysitting today. Ally is a bit under the weather.

We will see who babysits who. It will depend on just how ill she is.

Enjoy your day!

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