It started when mighty Casey struck out. Every one in Mudville was unhappy. Then he struck out again. The third time up he also struck out. So Casey was sent to the minors. Class A ball.

Casey struck out again yesterday! He’s headed for Class D.

Syracuse lost again! Four in a row! To Marquette 76-70.

I have no comment. Just sadness.

I should have known it was going to be a bad day basketballwise. I went to the Sports Page Bar to watch the game. I go to the Sports Page Bar because they have that extra TV package that allows them to get all college games. At least I thought all. It was not carryuing the Syreacuse/Marquette game yesterday. That is how unimportant Syracuse had become even before yesterday’s game.

I had a diet Pepsi and left.

Babysitting worked out alright last night.

I took Robert and Ally out to dinner to start the evening. Matthesson’s. An ice cream/sandwich type place. A family owned fixture in Key West. The grandkids love it!

They had their usual hot dogs and fries. I a salad.

We conversed the whole time. They are becoming young adults already at 6 and 5 years of age.

Matthesson’s is big on ice cream! Their display is awesome! Heaping buckets of colorful ice cream!

I had them go up to the display to select what they wanted. Robert with his hands on the glass. Ally with her nose pressed up against it.

Robert selected peppermint ice cream with chocolate chips. Ally likes pink. She went for the raspberry ice cream that was loaded with real raspberries.

Matthesson’s provides toppings for the kid’s ice cream. There ae several to choose from. Robert and Ally selected gummy worms. Ugh! Looked like worms!

Afterwards, it was home.

Robert took a bath, put on his pajamas and went to bed. He was soon asleep.

Ally told me she would shower in the morning. She put on her pajamas and we played. All night! She never tires.

I am teaching Ally how to tie her shoe laces. Tough! We are about 2/3s the way there. It is the final looping and pulling step that is a problem. We practiced a while. Suddenly Ally piped up, I don’t want to do it anymore. I am tired. It had to be mind boggling for her.

She did not sleep, however. I did. Twice. Each time she woke me up with Mommy said you can’t sleep Poppa!

Today is Sunday. I am doing a different Sunday. I am going to the circus with Robert and Ally and the rest of the family! The last time I was to a circus was at least 16 years ago when I attended with my 3 year old twin grandsons. They are now sophmores in college.

Enjoy your day!

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