In less than two hours, I will be doing my radio show. The Key West Lou Legal Hour. Join me, if you can. KONK 1500 AM on the radio in the Florida keys and Cuba. View the show on the internet world wide at

All interesting topics to be discussed. It was a big week! We know Iran is anti American, anti Christian. Now anti Semetic! Another Afghan stoning of a couple in love. A quadrapelegic who is suing a strip club under the Americans With Disabilities Act. The Rahm Emanuel residency problem resolved. Three horrendous crimes committed this past week. The worst! And more!

I am alone once again. My girls left. Donna and Terri flew back to New York yesterday. Terri has an engagement at Feinstein’s Sunday night.

I started my day with a visit to the heart doctor. Blood work. We discussed my water retention problem. Still to be resolved.

I spent the day writing.

Jenna showed up by prearrangement at 3. We worked on polishing today’s radio show for two hours.

Lisa and the grandkids showed up while we were working. They were driving back from Big Pine. Robert and Ally got a snack from the refrigerator. They then left.

The grandkids are angels! I shall be sorry to see them grow. They are perfect at 5 and 6.

I stayed in last night.

Enjoy your day! Remember to hear/watch my radio show!

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  1. Enjoyed the radio show today. I concur that Sharia Law is very one-sided, that is their sided. Don't impose Western values on us BUT we will impose stoning on you. No thanks.

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