It is amazing how Key West weather can change like the flip of a coin. The cold wave is gone. It is a beautiful morning. 73 degrees already. Sun shining. A few gray clouds in the sky. A comfortable breeze.

I am sitting outside at the tiki hut writing this morning’s blog. The ocean is all of ten feet away from me.

God is good!

Babysat all day yesterday. Ally not well.

We had a good time. Played games. She taught me something called Boogle. Played cards. Putted golf balls on the carpet.

I am teaching her to tie her shoe laces. Tough for a five year old! I have broken the process down into 4 steps. She has mastered the first two steps. She will get there!

It was nap time. I fell asleep. She woke me. Poppa, you are sleeping too long!

Later in the day, I had a doctor visit. What old people do. My heart doctor. He had good things to tell me. Maybe now I will feel better.

We had a shark visit.

Around 4, Donna and Terri were sitting on the deck overlooking the dock. Very close to the water. A big one swam by! About 10 feet long. Two feet wide. Fin and all.

They were excited. And also swore they would never swim off the dock again!

I have seen these big ones in the past. They generally come up late in the afternoon. Feeding time! I stopped going in the ocean off the dock years ago for that reason! A born coward am I!

Terri’s birthday yesterdsay! We celebrated! It was Terri’s call. She wanted dinner at home with just the three of us. The menu was to be stone crabs and brownies.

We pigged out on the stone crabs. They pigged out on the brownies. Not on my diet.

We needed a candle to place on the brownies to sing Happy Birthday! Finally found a votive candle. The kind in church. Why I had it, I don’t know. One votive candle on the brownies and we sang away!

Tonight is Syracuse basketball again! I will be at the Sports Page bar at 7 for the game.

Two defeats in a row, even though against top ten teams, dropped Syracuse to 9 and 10 in the rankings. Pitt moved up to second. But lost last night to Notre Dame. So Pitt will move down next week. A tough Big East!

Enjoy your day!

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  1. Lou- are you right on the ocean in Key Haven or on the lake? Sharks ever spotted in the the lake or in the canals?



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