No radio show today! The Key West Lou Legal Hour will not be broadcast.

Two fridays in a row. I am starting to get withdrawal symptoms. KONK radio has decided once again to run music all day in view of the day involved. Even though I may not be broadcasting, I continue to accumulate information. I have an overabundance for next week’s show. It will take me forever to sort it out!

Yesterday was primarily sitting outside and writing. The sun was shining. It was warm. A glorious feeling!

I did hit the gym for a bit. Good health. Weight loss now at 22 pounds. Twenty was my goal. However, it now looks like I am on my way to 25.

Dinner was special last night. I dined with Donna and Terri at the Yacht Club. Good, spirited conversation! Never a dull moment with these ladies!

9/11 was part of the discussion. Terri never ceases to amaze me. She lived near the 9/11 area. Her neighborhood was affected for months. Grocery and drug stores were non existant in the neighborhood after the tragedy. Many elderly resided in the area . Terri organized with the police a system for getting food and drugs to those in need. She spent two and a half months doing it. She received a plaque and commendation afterwards for her efforts.

We got into the holocaust and Broadway, also.

A most interesting evening!

We sat long after dinner was over chatting. When we left, the girls decided to go to the Monkey Bar. I have never been. They go to karaoke. Donna. She is the singer at the Monkey Bar! Who would believe it!

I begged off. Not my thing. But I suspect some evening I will drop by to observe. Who knows…..maybe even sing!

I went directly home.

Tonight is a big night! New Year’s Eve!

What to do?

I am invited to three parties. Lisa wants me to spend the evening with her. There is fireworks at midnight at the White Street Pier. La Te Da will be fun at midnight. The streets in front of Bourbon Street and Sloppy Joe’s will be crazy.

There is one more alternative. Stay home.

I may.

I have always considered Nw Year’s eve special. An evening to be spent with someone you are personally close to. This year I am without. So alone I may be!

I recall a particular New Year’s eve about 15 years ago. My Father had been ill. I thought it might be his last New Years. So he and I sat alone together in my living room before a roaring fire and talked. No one else at home. We were alone.

It was good! For the both of us.

My Father is now 96 years old and still with us. Forunately my apprehension that evening was nothing more than that.

I continue to write my legal blog on a daily basis. The Key West Lou Legal Tidbit of the Day. To be found on Amazon Kindle. Today’s topic: Breach of Promise. Men beware! There are some states where you still can be sued if you fail to marry the girl you promised to. Illinois is one of those states with a new and interesting lawsuit pending.

Enjoy the day! Enjoy the evening!

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  1. Lou.
    Have an evening out with friends they know what we all need. Your daughter and son-in-law also know how special it is to have a prent around especially on special days. Stay up and watch the ball fall and welcome in the new year. GOD BLESS TAKE CARE

  2. Happy New Year Lou, I enjoy the blog.
    I wish you the best of 2011 and I look forward to reading of your future adventures in Paradise.

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