Yesterday started with a haircut. Lori. Two days in a row. Lucky me!

Lori and her boy friend have lived together for many years. They will not be spending this Christmas together.

Usually they visit her parents or his. Unfortunately, Lori’s Mom is not well and his Father is not at his best. So Lori is headed for Maine and her boy friend for Long Island.

Good children!

About a month ago, I dropped Lisa’s red dress off at the cleaners. I finally went to pick it up yesterday.

There was an elderly gentleman working. Petrone? He knew the name. Told me that 30 years ago when he first came to Key West, there was a small butcher shop in Old Town. Said the man running it cut beef like beef was supposed to be cut. His name was Petrone.

I suggested he might be in error. There are many of Spanish extraction in Key West who are named Padron. Perhaps he had made a mistake. No, he said. He was Italian and his name was spelled the same as mine.

I have roots here. I will have to check it out.

I was driving down Duncan to return Lisa’s dress to her. All of a sudden I saw two little ones skipping along the road. They looked vaguely familiar from a distance. It was Robert and Ally!

They are on Xmas vacation from school. They were with their babysitter and heading to White Street for lunch. Hot dogs and french fries!

They were all excited to see me. I pulled over. They ran to the car and kissed me. Ally has had pink eye for a few days. She gets everything! Her eyes looked ok to me yesterday.

I had some minor Christmas shopping to do. Stopped at Borders and bought a book for someone. Then to the Dollar Store for a few wacky gifts. A zoo! My first thought was…..get me out of here!

I stayed. Hurriedly did my thing. The checkout lines were long. Not for me! I was ready to just put my few items down and leave when I saw Donna and Terri checking out. I fought my way forward and handed everything to them. Take care of these, I said. And away I went.

The gym. Only a half hour. Just enough.

Last night was the big event of the day. Larry Smith and Christine Cardone’s Christmas Party!
Terrific! Lots of people! Everyone! It would take pages to name all the people there so I will name none.

I had a good time. A very good time. Key West people are the best!

The food was especially good. I asked Larry who catered the event. No one, he said. Christine did it all. They had an Italian night. All kinds of pasta, stuffed and otherwise. Plus roasts. Ham, turkey and whatever else. A huge feast!

Good job, Christine!

I talked to her for a while. Why did she do all the work? She said it took her 3 days. She wanted to do it. When she was small, the older women cooked for days in preparation for the holiday. She wanted to repeat the experience as she recalled it.

She said she enjoyed every minute of it.

Thank you again, Christine.

Golf this morning. I will play in 60 degree weather. Not bad!

Tonight is Terri’s Broadway show at La Te Da’s Crystal Room at 9. Go see it! You will love Terri and her singing!

Enjoy your day!

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