This is the day!

Christmas eve!

In my tradition, this evening is bigger than tomorrow. Though we celebrate both.

It is family night. A huge dinner! Seven fishes!

I have always thought the seven fish thing was Italian. I do not know for sure.

I will be spending the evening with Lisa and her family. My family. Lisa, Corey, Robert, Ally, Cameron and Corey’s step father Curtis. At Lisa’s home.

Lisa is not big into the seven fish thing. Last year it was two. This year I have her up to five. She is counting the anchovies in the salad as #5.

After dinner when we are sitting around, Santa Claus will make a surprise visit. Though it is not much of a surprise for Robert and Ally. They expect him. He has made the personal visit every year.

I try to impress the grandkids when they are small and impressionable with the representation that Santa and I are friends. I tell them Santa and I talk on the telephone and email each other all the time. Provides me with enhanced standing with the grandkids.

I am excited about the holiday. Like a little kid!

There is also another factor that excites me this morning. Amazon Kindle!

I published my first legal blog on Kindle yesterday. The Kindle blog is called the Key West Lou Legal Tidbit of the Day. My first blog yesterday concerned the dangers of Sharia law. When I finish this blog, I will be wrting my second legal blog for publication. A legal blog a day.

Those of you who have Amazon Kindle or access to it, may subscribe to the legal blog. It is intertesting, informative and opinionated! No punches pulled.

I am not computer literate. Though many think I am because of this blog and now the legal one. It takes me forever to figure things out! I thought I had Kindle down to a science yesterday when I published my first legal blog. I did not. I was told it would take 48-72 hours to come up. So if it is not there today, look tomorrow. It will appear and be available for viewing. Each day a different and timely subject.

I spent some time at the gym in the afternoon. I have been watching my food. Have lost 21 pounds. Tonight I blow it, however. And tomorrow also. Holiday food is not to be wasted!

Donna and Terri asked me to join them at a Christmas party last night. I decided not to go. It sounded interesting, however. At the end, they were all going caroling on one of Ed Swift’s trains.

The party must have been terrific! Perhaps still ongoing! The girls did not come home last night!

Marty, where are you? Merry Xmas to you and Donna! Let me hear from you.

My friends, enjoy your Christmas eve!

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  1. Marty is sitting comfortably in Hallandale Beach. This morning I sat down at the water suntanning my face. Getting ready for very big festivities this evening and tomorrow: About thirty family members and friends milling about. The logs are burning continuously on the patio. I will be in Key West next week, and Happy Holidays to Lou and his family. Marty

  2. merry christmas lou to you and your family ! still reading your posts ! keep them coming and glad to see you going to the gym religeously. cold! and 29 degrees in columbia,sc………….BYRDMAN

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