Regardless of the temperature, the sun always shines in Key West.

It is sunny again this morning and will be so all day.

But…..the temperature this morning is a chilling 49 degrees! The high today will be 60.

This Artic chill is supposed to leave us Thursday. The temperature thereafter will return to the low 70s.

Sunbathing may be out on a day like today. However all other Key West enjoyments and experiences remain. The tourist attractions don’t disappear in the cold. Hemingway House is still there. So is Tennessee William’s home. The restaurants and bars continue to bustle. More so in the daytime. Key West night life goes on.

Ergo, it is still vacation time in Key West!

I must admit the cold did keep me in for the better part of the day yesterday. I spent the time writing. I am all excited about the legal blog I am publishing on Amazon Kindle. Timely, right in your face issues, discussed. My opinion shared on occasion.

Today’s Key West Lou Legal Tidbit of the Day involves a Detroit area husband who obtained his wife’s password and read her e mail on their commonly shared computer. He discovered she was cheating. He was arrested for felony computer misuse. He faces 5 years in jail, if convicted.

A lot of twists to the issue.

In the afternoon, I hit the gym. A good habit! I don’t want to lose it.

I was going to stay in last night. My warm bed was more inviting than going out in the cold. However, I relented. Terri was singing at La Te Da. I went over to catch her show again.

A good crowd! Mostly tourists. Terri is one of those activities I suggested earlier that is available regardless of the weather.

I have heard Terri’s Live From Broadway performance here at home while she rehearsed. I now have seen the actual show at the Crystal Room twice. Each time, all times…..terrific! Magnifique!

After the show, I joined Terri and Donna and others downstairs for a drink. Diet Pepsi for me, of course. I left them there after one drink. My warm bed awaited.

Syracuse starts Big East play tonight. At 9. Against Providence.

The Big East is going to be wild this year! Five out of the present top 10 nationally ranked teams are Big East members. Number 6 Pitt knocked off #4 Connecticut last night. Syracuse is ranked #5.

The Syracuse/Pitt game in mid January is going to be one hell of a game! Pitt pre-season was considered the best in the Big East.

Enjoy your day! Stay warm where ever you are!

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