Santa Claus is not coming to town! He came!

I know. My 5 year old granddaughter Ally telephoned me at 6 am to tell me. “Poppa, Santa was here! He ate all the cookies and drank all the milk!” Said with excitement and breathlessness.

The purity of the young!

Christmas eve was dinner at Lisa’s.

I arrived about an hour early. The home was spotless. Unusual where there are two little ones around.

Robert and Ally were quiet. Also unusual. Lisa said it was because they knew Santa Claus was coming.

We enjoyed pickies and listened to Christmas caroles. Made idle chatter. Besides the family, Corey’s step father Curtis and Lisa’s friend Betsy were with us.

Dinner was spectacular! Lisa’s best Cristmas eve production yet!

I am not being nice. The meal was that good!

We enjoyed four fish. Maybe next year I can goose it to the Italian tradition of seven. Stone crabs, shrimp, clams and anchovies. The clams were steamed. The small tender ones. And then thrown over linguine. The salad was excellent. There was tons of other food on the table, but at this moment I cannot remember what. Alzhiemers. I do recall even the rolls were delicious!

Desert was coffee and Christmas cookies. Four different kinds. All baked by Lisa with the assistance of Robert and Ally. I devoured the cookies.

Frankly, I devoured everything. After having dieted for a couple of months and losing 21 pounds, it was my night to eat! And I did! And I will today also!

All said with gusto!

Santa was due to visit at 7. I told Robet and Ally if he did not show by 7, he might not come. He might be too busy. It was 7:05. The grandkids were getting nervous. All of a sudden who should appear…..Santa Claus! Standing big as life in the doorway!

I thought the grandkids would jump and shriek. They did not. They stood quiet. In awe.

As Santa came in, he bent down and said to Ally, “How are your eyes? You had pink eye last week.” Ally went crazy. She turned to Lisa in an excited voice and said, “He knows I had pink eye!” To which Lisa replied, “Santa knows everything.”

Robert and Ally each sat on Santa’s lap. Ally’s gift request was a bit unusual. She wanted a pink pony. Not a big one, a small one. So she could keep it in the back yard.

After Santa left, the grandkids got ready for bed. And I left.

It was home to my two lesbian wives. Donna and Terri were waiting for me. The tree was aglow. They had drinks and deserts out. We exchanged gifts. A lot of little nothings for each other. And talked.

It was a very nice Christmas eve! I shall treasure the memory of this one for all time. Especially the moments with Lisa and the family.

I have to move my butt this morning. Lisa is having brunch at 9. Her command still rings in my ears. “Don’t be late.” Except for Santa’s gifts, all others remain unopened till I arrive. I am anxious to see Robert and Ally’s reaction to the golf clubs.

Oops! Almost forgot! Amazon Kindle!

I published my second legal blog yesterday. “Stimulus Differences…..Eisenhower and Obama.” Later today I will be publishing my Christmas blog. “Christmas…..A Legal Holiday.” The story of Christmas in the United States is an interesting one. Not what you might expect.

Enjoy your Christmas day!

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  1. oh ! it is 31 degrees and cold in columbia,sc. and we have a 90 % chance of snow tonite. the first white christmas we have ever seen ! ………….BYRDMAN

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