Good morning world!

Key West is getting warmer!

Presently 70 degrees!

My outdoor activity yesterday was limited to the gym. My good intentions to see Bobby Nesbitt and Kathleen Peace sing last night never came to fruition. I felt under the weather and so stayed in.

I am in the mood to pontificate a bit this morning. Stay with me. You might find my babblings interesting.

I read somewhere something to the effect that evey one should get outside every day Why? Because miracles are waiting everywhere.

Food for thought.

Jimmy Carter, our former President, seems to be up and about every day.

Carter has been known to visit the Keys. He has friends in Summerland Key and has spent several New Years with them. Carter is in the Keys this week again. Where he is residing, I am not sure.

On Tuesday, Carter visited the Turtle Hospital in Marathon. Danger had been recuperating there. Danger is a loggerhead turtle. Carter assisted in releasing Danger back into the ocean.

Wednesday Carter was at Hawk’s Cay Key. He visted Nemo. Nemo is the resident dolphin at Hawk’s Cay Key. The President shook hands with Nemo. Carter’s hand to Nemo’s flipper. Rosalynn did likewise.

Thank you Mr. President for visiting the Keys again. You obviously know a good thing when you experience it! Return often!

The 12/30/10 edition of The Huffington Post had an excellent article on how we screwed up our children. The article is entitled “How America Messed Up Its Kids…And How We Can Fix Them.” It is by Mark Goulston, M.D. I recommend its reading.

The piece covers a multiude of parent/child sins. One point stressed is that parents are always bailing their kids out. Parents fail to let them take responsibility for missteps. We take it for them. Whereas around the world, parents raise their children differently. The disease is an American one. In many other countries, children are taught to take responsibility for their wrongs. Thus Dr. Goulston claims making them smarter, stronger and wiser.

Dr. Goulston wrote, “Within the next 10 to 20 years…children from China, India and elsewhere will become your child’s boss, and they won’t bail out or accept your child’s excuses…they will fire your children.”

Dr. Goulston also suggested “…when children feel no responsibility or accountability for their actions, the next step is for them to feel and act entitled–entitled to act according to how they feel and to what will immediately gratify them, and entitled to not do whatever they don’t want to do.”

Mull it over a bit. A lot to grasp. The bottom line is we may have spoiled our childen too much, given them too much and assumed too many of their responsibilities. Do you agree?

Which now brings me to Albert Einstein and a separate and distinct thought.

Einstein was peripherally involved in the development of the atomic bomb. He said, “I know not with what weapons World War III will be fought, but World War IV will be fought with sticks and stones.”

End of thought provocation for the day.

Amazon Kindle. My new legal blog appears there daily. The Key West Lou Legal Tidbit of the Day. Today’s subject is: High Speed Train Stimulus. Interesting. China and GE are putting their money where their mouths are. Is Obama correct? Are Wisconsin and Ohio wrong?

Enjoy your day!

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  1. Indeed, children are privileged and elevated upon pedestals much more to do with their parents' needs than their own. The result is neither good for parent or child. I can't recall all the soccer games I witnessed as the parents yelled at the next "Pele of their Mind"; expecting professional play from a young human that in reality maybe suited to cure cancer. Something far more valuable to humanity than anyone who ever kicked a ball around a field.

  2. Stongly agree we as a society have over protected our children! I live in Ohio part of year and think the high speed train would have been a disaster! We are a rural car based area and ridership would never have been high enough to pay operating costs. Kasich was right to refuse federal money.

  3. Child raising and progress are common sense. Parental responsibility of teaching before reality and allowing something like high speed trains to allow community growth is common sense. What happened to common sense and progress? Get over yourselves folks, you will be left behind and so will your children.

  4. Leo, I mean Lou –

    My wife and I embarked on a safari several years ago, with a concentration on Lions. In our two weeks in the bush one of the things we learned was that if cubs are not pushed and taught to hunt early they never grasp the art of survival. Young lions make many mistakes in their first hunts and the elders of the pride need to actually back off and let the youngsters take their licks, so to speak, to toughen them for life.

    The cubs that don't grasp the need to meet and beat adversity grow into young adults live that live off the fruits of the labor of their parents. It is a common misconception that just the moms hunt. While the lioness nurses, the male gathers the daily kill.

    As young adults, these under adjusted lions will actually turn on their own aging parents once they grow too old to supply that which they have become accustomed to. While tigers eat their young if they feel they cannot survive on their own, lion elders are often killed and eaten by their own young if they stop producing.

    Sound familiar?

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