The day after Christmas. A return to normalcy.

The holiday was nice. But enough. Time to move on.

Yesterday was Christmas Day. Lisa does an early morning brunch. Like 9 am.

The grandkids had already opened their gifts from Santa Claus by the time I arrived. Three hours earlier!

Mine were the only gifts left to be opened. Robert and Ally were anxious. I told them to go for it!

They each had a big box from me. The golf clubs. They were more in awe than anything else. Red bags. With a kick stand. Gloves, balls and tees. Pink balls and tees for Ally.

We put everything together. Then they each went to heist the bags on their shoulders. Robert did it with no sweat. For Ally, it was another story. The bag with clubs and balls was too much for her. She crumbled to the floor in slow motion!

They both wanted to go to the golf course immediately. They are for real members since I had them take lessons there this past summer. Lisa said no. Tomorrow.

Tomorrow is today. I have already had two telephone calls from Ally about when are we going to play golf. The time has been fixed for 3. I will have them pitch and putt. And maybe give them a short ride on a golf cart. The golf cart ride is the most important thing to them!

Lisa prepared a terrific brunch. Delicious! I continued to blow my diet. I enjoyed every morsel. Robert sat on one side of me and Ally on the other as we were eating. Good breakfast companions!

I spent the afternoon quietly at home watching TV.

Lisa called. She had stone crabs left over from the night before. Come over, she said. I never refuse stone crabs!

I had planned on going out with Donna and Terri. I told them I would catch up with them.

The game plan had been Square One for Christmas caroles. Jimmy Olsen was supposed to be playing. Then La Te Da to hear Debra and Patrick. We would finish the night at Aqua. The Christmas Drag Show at 9.

Though I frequent Aqua, I never have seen a drag show there. It was to be a first.

I told Donna and Terri I would catch up with them.

I finally did at Aqua at 9.

The place was jam packed. Like sardines. The Christmas Drag Show is an annual event. The whole world was there to see it.

The three male stars were all dressed as female Santas. Inga, Faith and Victoria Dupree. Victoria is the famous Randy Thompson.

The show was risque and funny. Every one had a good time.

I have commented on Randy Thompson in the past. When he dresses as a woman, you cannot tell he is not. He is absolutely beautiful and carries himself well. At the end of the show, Randy came out as Cher. Attired in a long sleek black dress. Magnificent! It was Cher, both in appearance and voice.

Today is Sunday. Hopefully Don’s Place for pro football, the gym and then the Gardens tonight. I say hopefully. I never seem to do them all. In between, I will be at the golf course with my grandchildren.

I am embarassed. A loyal blog reader is vacationing in Key West this week. Len from Wausau, Wisconsin. We have been trying to hook up. Unsuccessfully. I hope we do before he leaves Tuesday.

Terri sings again tomorrow night. Monday the 27th. 9 pm. At La Te Da’s Crystal Room. See her! A performer not to be missed!

Remember also that my new blog involving the law is available on Amazon Kindle. The Key West Lou Legal Tidbit of the Day. Today’s blog concerns sex related issues while driving. It is entitled Don’t Shave Your Privates While Driving. Don’t laugh. An actual case. You will also be amazed at what is legally permitted in other countries.

Enjoy your day!

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