It’s 9 o’clock in the morning!

I just got up!

Partied with my house guests Donna and Terri last night!

An exciting evening! Enjoyed myself tremendously!

We went to the movies. Not just an ordinary movie. A special one.

The opening night in Key West…..the debut of….. The Kids Are All Right. At the Tropic Cinema Theater.

The movie is about a married lesbian couple. Played extremely well by Julianne Moore and Annette Bening. And their two teen age children. Thrown in for good measure is the recently discovered sperm donor for the kids.

I went to watch a movie about a married lesbian couple with a married lesbian couple. I am really into this same sex marriage thing!

One terrific movie! Humorous on occasion. Heavy on occasion. I had tears in my eyes at the end of the film.

See it!

There was an opening night gala at the Tropic Cinema. A champagne party to start. Then the film.

The movie has a special connection with Key West. One of the Executive Producers is Anne O’Shea. Anne lives in Key West with her husband Brian.

Donna and Terri are close friends with Anne and Brian. Anne and Brian have seen Terri in New York in her two most recent Broadway triumphs.

We got the royal treatment last night. Because of that relationship. Passes. No waiting in line. A special escort through a side door into the theater. We were the first ones inside. Choice of seats.

A movie critic I am not. A viewer I am. Big time! I know whatI like and what I think is good. This is a good movie! The acting in the two lead roles is special. I would not be surprised if either Moore or Bening receive an Academy Award nomination.

We went out after the movie. Nothing special. Took a walk over to Kelley’s. Ate at the outside bar. And talked. And talked. And talked. Three friends enjoying themselves.

A good radio show yesterday morning! Excellent feed back afterwards. The Catholic Church commentary was a big hit. Also the Dr. Samuel Mudd and Arlington National Cemetary bits.

I did lunch at Goldman’s. The only for real Jewish type deli in Key West. Hot pastrami on rye with russian dressing. I know. What happened to watching the weight!

Then some house keeping duties. Groceries. The company eat. Needed some drug refills at Walreens, also.

You will recall I mentioned being interviewed by a reporter from the Miami Herald last friday while I was at the Chart Room. She was in Key West writing a story on our local county law that gives the authorities the power to prohibit the sale of alcohol duiring a hurricane. The power has only been invoked once. During a 1998 hurricane.

I have been reading the Miami Herald daily since the interview. No article.

This morning I found a comment from Sheila on yesterday’s blog that I was mentioned in the Sacramento Bee newspaper. Sacramento, California. Turns out the Sacramento Bee and the Miami Herald are both part of the same chain.

The article was by Rebecca Huval, the young lady who interviewed me. It was titled “No lights, No Air-Conditioning, No Booze?”

My quote for posterity…..”People act responsibly during hurricanes and the government doesn’t need to tell us how to save our asses.” True.

I am sitting outside under my tiki hut writing today’s blog. Another magnificent Key West day. Sun bright. Just a sprinkle of white clouds against a very blue sky. A slight breeze. The water equally blue and moving along.

Enjoy your day!

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  1. >government doesn't need to tell us how to save

    Sounds like you have a spark of a "little L libertarian" in you?

    Hmmm, how best to fan it?

    Pointing out that the Gooferment steals from the poor to give to the rich (i.e., reverse robin hood)?

    Reminding you that genocide can't be done without the Gooferment power?

    Demonstrating that "drunken sailors" only spend their own money, unlike the bozos in Congress?

    Maybe pointing out that Goldman Sachs has already found a loophole and is avoiding the new "finanical reform" bill?

    Nope! It has to be that the Gooferment has no role in marriage. It's perhaps at best a matter for society to work out through the peaceful associations like Churches, fraternal organizations, or even biker bars. Gooferment's involvement in marriage comes from the racist southern politicians and now is justified by "benefits". Get the Gooferment out of the "benefits" business and it can exit stage left and leave the people in peace.

    Yup, that HAS to be the "winning argument".

    MYOB should have been the national motto. And, especially, the Gooferment should stick to its two Constitutional roles: protecting the people form force or fraud.

    Shall I send you a membership application?

    LOL, there ain't no little L libertarian "club". Libertarians are like kittens! Hard to find two that agree on anything. But, in general, every one of them recognizes the right of the people to be left alone and figure it out for themselves.

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