Good morning! Good morning! Good morning!

I am starting late this morning. Computer problems.

I was up early yesterday. Had a 10 o’clock at Lisa’s. Corey and Lisa were going to help straighten out my computer. We made progress. Just not enough. Hope all is well now.

After 2 hours of computer screwing around, my mind was punchy. I left Lisa and went over to the Coffee House. It was Sunday! And Sunday is definitely the day to browse through the New York Times!

Lunch time. I was hungry. Opted for the Pier House. The Pier House beach on a Sunday is a fun place.

Ate at the bar. Not too many people. Key West is no longer in season..

There has been an addition to the Pier House menu. Fried oysters. I have had them several times recently. Delicious!

Then it was home.

Played around on the computer for a while. Chatted on Facebook with a deaf friend from Phoenix.

Our conversation reminded me of a memorable instance with my cousin Bob.

Bob lives in Stamford, Connecticut. Or did. This was back 35 years ago. He is now retired and living some where in North Carolina.

Bob had a lovely home. In the woods. Completely surrounded by trees. A virtual forest.

Bob was deaf. Had been deaf from the age of 4. Measles did it.

He read lips. Very well. You would never know he was deaf. He had become a successful business man. Made fine furniture. Employed many people.

I was visiting him for a weekend. He said lets go for a walk. He had received a new hearing aid and wanted to try it. Hearing aids had never helped him in the past.

We were walking in the woods. He suddenly stopped. Asked…..what is that? What, I asked? He looked up. It was the wind in the trees. It was the first time he had ever heard the sound.

A teary eyed moment.

I have not seen Bob and his wife Angela in years. I hope we have the opportunity to get together again. Soon.

It was time for a nap. Slept a while. Was wakened suddenly by loud crashing. It was raining. Actually pouring! And thundering big time! Key West experienced a one hour storm. I would like to say it was Bonnie one day late. But things do not work that way.

I went to Lisa’s for Sunday dinner. As I arrived, I asked my grandchildren why they were not watching the golf tournament. Robert knew it was on channel 4. He immediately put it on.

The three of us watched the last 3 holes intently. Robert and Ally made comments like….. that’s a birdie shot…..he’s in the rough……good shot…..on the green…..close to the pin. They are learning!

I am a fan of Mad Men. Its new season started last night. Good show! The 1950s-1960s. Just like it was!

Enjoy your day!

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  1. Louis, your story about your cousin Bob reminded me of my Aunt Joanie….she had been deaf all of her life from some sort of nerve damage. Hearing aids of no help. Finally at 68 she got a concheular implant (I know I am spelling that incorrectly). She was visiting us and came out of the bathroom laughing because it was the first time she had heard herself pee!!! Yes, it was a funny, teary moment for all of us too!
    She was also amazed by her grandchildren's voices and the rustling of leaves in the street. She is now 73 and still going strong! Hugs to you Louis, Cindy
    ps enjoy the grandchildren stories very much!

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