There is excitement in the air! Something is happening!

It is the two day mini lobster season!

Yesterday morning it was the overloaded boats going out to dive. Last night it was Duval Street. Full of people. Many families.

The purpose of mini lobster sesason is to give ordinary people a chance to dive for lobsters before the commercial fishermen go at it. The offiicial season starts August 1. That is when the the men who fish lobsters for pay will be setting and pulling their traps..

Tom of Tom and Cindy of Iowa fame wrote me yesterday. I had mentionbed the Iowa 6 day bike race in yesterday’s blog. Tom corrected and updated me.

I was wrong as to the length of the race. It is 7, not 6 days. The short name for the race is RAGBRAI. 50,000 people come to Iowa for the event. Not all race, of course. Support staff is required for the racers. And then there are those who just visit to watch and party. Tom says the partying each night is big!

The race basically goes from the western part of Iowa to the east. Each biker dips the front tire of his bike in the Missouri River in the west at the start of the race. One week later each biker dips the rear wheel of his bike in the Mississippi River to the east signifying the end of the race.

An interesting accomplishment completing the race!

Golf yesterday morning.

Played with Aaron and Yankee Jack. Yankee and I played a money game. I whipped him good! Even though I lost 3 of the last 4 holes. Won $10!

The humidity was an abomination! The worst of the summer yesterday! My tee shirt was soaking wet before I even teed off for the first hole.

Tired me out big time. After golf, I grabbed a quick Cuban sandwich at Lucky Day. Then to home and bed for the afternoon. I was wiped out!

Last night was relativly quiet. Spent a little time at the Chart Room. Then dinner at the bar at Outback while reading a couple of newspapers.

This morning is haircut time!

Some one recently observed that I am always getting a haircut. I thought about the comment. It is true. My hair is extremely short. The little I have left. It seems to grow faster. Really does not. Just looks sloppy when it does grow a bit. Ergo, the need for a haircut on a more frequent basis.

I don ‘t care. It is a good excuse to visit with Lori.

The Key West Lou Legal Hour tomorrow morning. KONK radio at 1500 AM. At 10 am. Ustreamed world wide also. When the screen comes up, just type KONK in the appropriate box.

The show will cover a multitude of sins. Topics include a recent Catholic Church proclamation regarding female priests, broadcasters and free speech, Duck Boat owners back in court against Key West, the Gulf oil spill, the court decision in the Arizona immigration case, the lobster mini season, New Mexico weird dumb laws, a same sex marriage update, Pat Paulsen and Indian humor, the weird lawsuit of the week arising in Germany, a trip down an historical lane with Samuel Alexander Mudd and more.

Listen in! The show will be interesting and fun!

Enjoy your day!

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  1. "The humidity was an abomination," is funny, & so true for so much of the country this time of year. Thanks for writing your blog! -Heather (OH) @astitchintime09

  2. Louis,
    Yesterday there was an article in the news about law enforcement having to break up a "too wild" RAGBRAI party along the route. They reported that 90% of the people were nude or topless at a pond near one of the towns.

    Tom & Cindy

  3. P.S. the riders dip their REAR tire in the Missouri River and their FRONT tires in the Mississippi….the same direction the bike is going on the route, west to east.

    T & C

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