Slept late yesterday. Till about 10. Received many messages asking if I were sick. It always happens when I write late.

It is the beginning of another beautiful day in Key West. This is the bird chirping season. For some reason, there are more birds this time of the year. They are a symphony, especially in the early morning.

Lunch was at Harpoon Harry’s yesterday. I had a desire for eggs. As I have mentioned before, Harpoon Harry’s eggs taste fresh! There is something about them! Read the newspapers and enjoyed ham and eggs. And whole wheat toast! My concession to healthy eating.

This is Hemingway Days Weekend in Key West. There was a street fair yesterday commerating the event on Duval Street. From Front Street to the La Concha Hotel.

I walked the event.

The stands were the best I have seen in a long time at such an event. The food being offered looked delicious! I was sorry I had already eaten. The non food items being sold were likewise spectacular appearing! Jewelry, hats, paintings, wood carvings and so forth.

Hemingway look alikes all over the place! Dressed in white shirts and pants, red berrets and belts. Just like Hemingway probably dressed for the bull run in Spain. There even was a mock bull run while I was there!

Then it was to Lisa’s. Golf time with the grandkids!

I took Robert and Ally to the golf course. Part of the lessons they recently took included a one year membership for each of them in the golf course.

We went to putt.

I took them into the pro shop. The pro greeted them warmly. Gave each a colored golf ball. Ally’s was pink. Thrilled her no end! She is a pink freak. She was dressed in pink besides.

The pro gave each a real putter to use. Heavy for them. They have been practising at home with a not real one which is much lighter.

I took them into the bag shack so I could get some balls out of my bag. The bag shack excited them also.

The whole experience excited them. This was a big deal!

Then to a putting green. Both did well! They putt every day at home on the living room carpet. So they already had the hang of it.

Afterwards, I took them inside the restaurant. Another big deal! They had diet cokes. Their mother does not permit them to drink soda. The cheating aspect excited them!

My house guests and I got together last night.

We started the evening at the Chart Room. Donna had been there before. Teri had not. Stayed about an hour. Had a good time. Spoke with Captaain Peter. He and Donna are old friends. Michael, Che and Kevn there also.

Michael bartends. He was away last week in Wyoming.

Michael is a retired Marine. Was a sharshooter in Vietnam. Went to Wyoming to visit a friend that had a new long range rifle. The distance numbers overwhemed me. The gun could shoot 2,000 meters, if I remeber correctly. Michael said he hit 6 out of 7 milk jugs from that distance.

Then it was Square One for dinner. Donna is old friends with owner Michael Stewart.

I had not been to Square One in a while either. It was good to see Michael and Patrick. Patrick is the bartender and a friend. And even more of a friend to my daughter Lisa. He knows Robert and Ally well.

The last time Patrick visited Lisa, he brought Robert and Ally a $25 gift card to Dairy Queen. I told Patrick I too am eating off of the card also. Already 2 times! And with sprinkles! He laughed.

Dinner was excellent. The company terrific. We laughed all night.

Donna and Terri are on vacation. I am not. They wanted to go to the Keys Piano Bar. I said go. I am going home to bed. And so we parted company.

It is Sunday! Love Sundays! Enjoy yours!

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    The barman replied, 'It's the nuts – they're complimentary.'

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