Odd day yesterday.

Started with Bonnie. The tropical storm that never was in Key West.

I spoke of Bonnie on the blog yesterday morning. Talked about what might be if it hit. Suggested it might not. The weather was too good at the time I was writing.

At 10 I was in the studio doing my radio show. From 10 to 11. Kept looking out the window onto the street. Sun shining brightly. People walking around as usual. No one appeared concerned.

I commented at least 3 times during the show that I thought this Bonnie thing was going to miss Key West.

Earlier before I left for the studio, I was watching NBC. Per their usual custom, they had flown a reporter down to cover the storm. The reporter was standing in rain gear at the end of South Street. At the Southernmost Point. Sun shining. Little to no breeze. Water calm. Talking about the impending storm.

Then NBC took us to Duval Street. A long shot of Duval. The commentary was to the effect that in just a few hours the storm would be beating up the street.

Been there before. Seen the national news broadcasts before. And recall nothing happening on most occasions.

Yesterday was to be one of those familiar days. Bonnie never came. Whaever occurred, was over Miami and to the north.

That is the way it goes. True, better safe than sorry. However genrally these storms miss us. Thank God! The media rouses the nation that calamity is about to befall the keys. All in error.

The scenerio never changes.

After the radio show, I headed over to Lucky Day Cafe for lunch. Cheesesteak cuban style.

Then to Borders to read.

I needed some tee shirts. Someone told me about a store on Kennedy Drive that sells tee shirts by the pound. You heard me correctly. By the pound!

Why not!

I went over. It is called Island Tee Shirts.

The tee shirts are over runs. I bought 3. One from Rumrunners. Another from the U.S.Navy and a third with just Key West on the pocket.

The material felt good. One had a label reading pre shrunk.

The 3 tee shirts cost me $18, including tax. Not bad. It was worth the money just for the experience. I picked my own shirts out of a bin and weighed them. That is different!

I was tired. So it was home to bed for my late aftenoon nap. Part of my life style and need in my senior years.

The Chart Room was interesting last night. Very few people. But those there were perfect for what transpired.

Susan bartending. Matt the Key West videographer. And a gentleman I had never met before. Kevin McCoy.

Kevin lives here in Key West. Retired as I am. Made his fortune owning a few Amco Transmission franchises. He has a home on White Street.

There was also a young lady. Mid 20s at the most. Lovely.

Her name was Rebecca Huval. She came with a camera. On a long stand. She was a reporter. Sent down here to Key West because of…..you guessed it! Bonnie! The storm that never was here.

Her editor had sent her down earlier in the day to do a story on drinking and hurricanes. Apparently there is a Monroe County law that permits the County to bar the sale of alcohol during a weather storm. She told us it had only been imposed once. During Georges in 1998.

She asked me what I thought. I told her initially I did not care. I did not drink. Then I went on to tell her it was a stupid law. My experience in Key West has shown that people are responsible during hurricane season. The primary concern is to protect person and property. Drinking had never been an issue in my experience. Matt and Kevin agreed with me.

Rebecca was hitting the bars in her search for information for her story. Her next stop was Sloppy Joe’s. Then she was going to Don’s Place. I set her up to speak with Kurt there. Don is out of town.

The interesting thing about Don’s Place is that it remains open during a hurricane. Not every one can afford to leave. Some stay to watch their property or pets. They need a place to congregate. It is Don’s Place. I thought she might pick up a story or two there.

Rebecca took our pictures. Wrote some of our comments down. Told us the story would probably run on monday. So read the Miami Herald on monday. Louis and the Chart Room gang are going to be mentioned.

Part of the conversation with Rebecca involved leaving the keys in the event of a hurricane. It brought to mind Bob Smith.

Bob is now dead. He was a Chart Room character for 30 years. His ashes lie in the Chart Room bar rail. Rebecca had already been made familiar with that part of Chart Room folklore before I arrived.

Bob wrote a book once about Key West. It is appropriately titled BOB. A copy sits behind the bar. I got it and went to the page where Bob talks about evacuating Key West in the event of a hurricane. The federal government orders the evacuation at some pont.

Bob noted the number of cars in Key West. He also did some sort of study on the number of gas stations and supply of available gasoline. His conclusion: There is no where enough gas to fill up all the vehicles that would be evacuating.

So much for government ordered evacuation! On top of which the government assumes that those who are left will drink themselves into oblivion!

BOB and the gasoline analysis will probably make up a part of Rececca’s story also.

I had dinner alone at the bar of a local restaurant. Two women were sitting next to me. Matronly. Middle aged. They were joking around with the bar maid. A young girl. They were telling her how attractive her butt was. I interjected. Asked if they would like a male evaluation. Bad move! They were lesbians. Tough ones. I thought the one next to me was going to hit me!

I lowered my head and said no more.

I was surprised that such would occur in Key West.

Never saw my company yesterday. Donna and Terri, my two lesbian friends (some do love me), were asleep when I left in the morning. They were out when I returned late in the afternoon and later when I returned for the night. They are show people. One in the aftrnoon is arousal time for them. Perfect company. I don’t have to worry about them or see them. Actually, sad. We will have to get on the same schedule for a day.

I am going to take the grandkids to the golf course this afternoon. Time for them to practice a bit on a real green.

Enjoy your day!

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  1. Today at the drugstore, the clerk was a gent.
    From my purchase this chap took off ten percent.
    I asked for the cause of a lesser amount;
    And he answered, "Because of the Seniors Discount."

    I went to McDonald's for a burger and fries;
    And there, once again, got quite a surprise.
    The clerk poured some coffee which he handed to me.
    He said, "For you, Seniors, the coffee is free."

    Understand—I'm not old—I'm merely mature;
    But some things are changing, temporarily, I'm sure.
    The newspaper print gets smaller each day,
    And people speak softer—can't hear what they say.

    My teeth are my own (I have the receipt.),
    and my glasses identify people I meet.
    Oh, I've slowed down a bit… not a lot, I am sure.
    You see, I'm not old… I'm only mature.

    The gold in my hair has been bleached by the sun.
    You should see all the damage that chlorine has done.
    Washing my hair has turned it all white,
    But don't call it gray… saying "blond" is just right.

    My car is all paid for… not a nickel is owed.
    Yet a kid yells, "Old duffer… get off of the road!"
    My car has no scratches… not even a dent.
    Still I get all that guff from a punk who's "Hell bent."

    My friends all get older… much faster than me.
    They seem much more wrinkled, from what I can see.
    I've got "character lines," not wrinkles… for sure,
    But don't call me old… just call me mature.

    The steps in the houses they're building today
    Are so high that they take… your breath all away;
    And the streets are much steeper than ten years ago.
    That should explain why my walking is slow.

    But I'm keeping up on what's hip and what's new,
    And I think I can still dance a mean boogaloo.
    I'm still in the running… in this I'm secure,
    I'm not really old… I'm only mature.

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