I am up early this morning. Still dark outside. Black.

I made the coffee and sat outside a bit. A strange morning. No breeze. Absolutely none. The water is not moving. Looks like a mirror. The palm trees are silent. Just standing there. Not a branch moving.

Radio show this morning! The Key West Lou Legal Hour. Try to listen in. 10 am. KONK 1500 AM radio from Key Largo to Havana, Cuba. Watch and listen world wide on ustream. www.ustream.com. When the site opens up, type KONK in the appropriate box. There I will be!

Stimulating comments this morning on the radio show. The court decision in the Arizona immigration law case, of course. Heads the list of topics. A bit on the Catholic church and female priests and priests marrying. Controversial isues.

Also, Arlington National Cemetery, the Duck Boat case’s resurrection, a same sex marriage update, some Pat Paulsen humor, the Gulf oil spill and more.

Got my haircut yesterday morning. Lori was extremely busy. Her last day before her vacation. She is driving north to New York making several stops along the way. Enjoy the trip, Lori!

After the haircut, visited the Coffee House. Jane was there. My lady friend who is always dressed in flowing white. She was engrossed on her cell phone. I tapped her shoulder and nodded a hello. She continued on the phone. When she finished, she hurried out, hopped on her bike and was gone. Without even a hello in return. She must have had something on her mind. Not like Jane at all.

Lunch was at Hogfish. Read the newspapers. I enjoy the atmosphere at Hogfish. Different. Quiet. Another world.

Home after lunch. Decided to swim a bit. Swim I did not. Just floated in the pool with a noodle under my arms.

From my position in the pool, I could see the boats going in and out. It was the second and last day of the mini lobster season.

I was antsy. Needed something to do. Decided to paint. I have not done so in months.

Set myself up on the deck. Easel, canvas and all. Acrylics. Did a quick painting (like two hours) of the many boats sitting on the horizon lobster diving. The finished product was not that good. But I felt good. It will sit in the closet with my other not so good works of art.

Stayed in last night. Cooked a bit of pasta. Heated sauce from a bottle of sauce I had purchased. Some cheese on top. A good meal!

The only thing I dislike about cooking in is the cleanup. Last night I had 2 pots and a calendar to wash, in addition to the dishes. The dishwasher was too full for the pots and calendar.

The black outside has now turned to gray. It is easier to see. The water remains still. The palm trees quiet.

Enjoy your day! Listen to my radio show, if you can!

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  1. fast painting by KWL!

    Sounds like fodder for a charity auction. Pick your favorite charity.

    Say the auction closes on Labor Day. Highest bid left in this comment wins.

    I'll start the bidding at 50$. (Hey I'm an unemployed fat old white guy injineer forced into retirement by the Bush – Obama – Geitner – Dodd – Frank – Helicopter Ben recession.

    But, it should be a hoot.

  2. Didn't realize that you paint..yet another thing we have in common….I do watercolor with a group of really nice people here in CR. I really love it and today is my first day back since my broken arm! Wish me luck!

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